Top 10 World War 3 Predictions that might be True

The World War 3 is an event predicted to be comparable to or be greater than the World War 2 in terms of military warfare, destructive potential and countries involved. Many theories related to World War 3 predict a complete catastrophe for humanity if the war does take place. Countries all over the world take special efforts to keep major wars from breaking out by limiting their nuclear weapons and building collateral peace ties with other countries. Here are a few predictions about World War 3 that may be true-

10. Set back humanity by hundreds of years


A somewhat bizarre theory many believe in is that the next World War will cause humanity to go back by a few hundred years. Technological advancements will be wiped clean and there will be too few resources left to continue our modern lifestyle. As a result humans have to adapt to the lifestyle our great ancestors lived.

09. War over oil


The prices and availability of oil could be a factor triggering off the next world war. Some experts believe that the recent discovery of oil in the Arctic region could be the reason for unrest. The United States produces the maximum amount of oil today, followed by Russia. The overproduction of oil by the Middle East to meet its fluctuating economy hugely hampers Russia’s profit. With almost all countries having interests of their own in untapped markets, namely the Arctic belt, a war over oil does not seem too improbable.

08. War over water

world war 3 water

The state of natural water in recent times provokes many biologists to believe that the next war might be fought over water systems. Less than 3% of the total water of the world is usable. With increasing global warming and vast swatches of land drying up, global water shortage is a painful reality. The use of water in the last century grew twice as much as the global population. Many believe it is a matter of time before war breaks out over congested river systems and potable drinking water. Adding more substance to this speculation is tense relationships between many countries in the Middle East and Asia over sharing of water resources.

07. Decrease the population to half

ww3 overpopulation

One of the major effects of a World War is the huge death toll. During World War 1 over 38 million casualties were reported. The number rose to 60 million in the 2nd World War. This loss was estimated to be 3% of the total population. However, with the advent of nuclear weapons, World War 3 is believed to be more disastrous than the first two wars combined. The present population of the world is estimated to be 7.4 billion. More than half of this population is predicted to either die during the war or immediately after due to results of the war. Many evolutionists believe this to be necessary to establish balance and check the ever growing population of humans.

06. Nostradamus’ prediction of total destruction


The French philosopher Nostradamus had predicted a series of wars in the past. His followers claim that both the world wars and its effects were correctly predicted by Nostradamus. Nostradamus has predicted World War 3 to be an event lasting for 27 years. Use of nuclear weapons on the city of New York would trigger off the war. On the forefront of this destruction would be a ruler from the Middle East, also referred to as “King of Terror” or “Antichrist”. There will be rain of blood and milk, which can be interpreted as nuclear fog following a nuclear attack. Russia will play an important role in the war which will see a breakdown of morals and religious peace in the world.

05. Biological Warfare

ww3biological warfare

The use of pests and biological warfare is almost a given if World War 3 is to take place. With the advancement made by biotechnology in the 21st century, strains of viruses capable of eliminating the entire population of the rival country are a reality. The question however is, how will the warring countries prevent their own pests from attacking their own citizens? As they say, bad karma and artificial pests will always get to you.

04. War over religion


The growing threat of Islamic terrorism all over the world has led many to postulate that the next world war might break out over religious issues. The threat of ISIS looming large over developed world is an indication of what might come. Presently ISIS has displaced millions of people from their homes and executed over half a million due to purported crimes against religion. It is only a matter of time before this menace is stopped by the other superpowers. The question is, is the world ready to pay the price?

03. Rise of new super powers after the war

ww3 rise of new superpowers

The rise of USA as a superpower during the end of the Second World War and the disintegration of Soviet Union after the Cold War is proof of the rearrangement of powers at the end of major wars. It can be theorized that the Third World War will see the emergence of a new super power. Many think that China can be the superpower which changes the dynamics of the next war to come.

02. Changes in the idea of “race” due to the number of refugees

ww3 refugees

It is proven that a huge number of people are displaced due to any war. A war in the magnitude of the Third World War is thought to be capable of displacing more than 1/4th of the world’s population from their native place. Huge exodus of people and growing refugee problems are a reality today due to the threat of ISIS. Racial intermingling as a result of World War 3 will either give rise to new races or eliminate the concept of different races altogether. All in all, it will be a dream comes true for genetic biologists all over the world. Provided they survive the war, of course.

01. Use of nuclear power


The basis of nuclear warfare in future was established when America dropped the two bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the end of 2nd World War. The rush to develop nuclear weapons by France, USA, Soviet Union and China following the 2nd World War resulted in the extremely tension ridden period known as Cold War. It is theorized that a nuclear war will cause ten times more casualties than a military war. Some analysts suggest that the nuclear fog after a war will result in the entire humanity starving to death. The political standoff between USA and China over Taiwan is thought to be a situation that could easily spin out of control if these two nuclear super powers do not behave rationally. North Korea is also said to have developed nuclear weapons of its own, often threatening South Korea and USA of nuclear crackdown.

World War 3 will definitely not be a glorious revolution in the history of the World but an event marked as a major turnaround. From what is believed, the World will almost be destroyed to start afresh from after the war. A war is scary, its consequences are scarier.

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