Top 10 World’s Greatest War Heroes

Patriotism cannot be simply defined as putting yourself at risk in times of war for the sake of the nation. It is much more! Doing things for the country beyond the call of duty and those deemed impossible to do is what real patriotism is. Wars give us many things, like death and diseases but along with them they also give some bad-asses who would make John Rambo go red with shame. It has been said that heroes are born, not made; but I beg to differ. I think anyone can be a hero if they choose to realize that a hero lives inside them. Undoubtedly wars are horrible and when you see death right in front of you, what would you do? Give in? I don’t know about you, but there had been some tough men who had defied all odds to safeguard their people from their mortal enemies. Read on to know about the top 10 world’s greatest war heroes who have made history much more interesting!

10. Dirk J. Vlug


Dirk J. Vlug served as a Private First Class in the 126th infantry based in Philippines. On December 15, 1944 his unit came under heavy tank fire by the Japanese force and that is where he switched his “Beast-mode” level on! He picked up a rocket launcher, took out one tank, killed the soldier in the second tank with his revolver before destroying the third tank in the same way. He saw two more tanks heading his way but he was still hungry! He got into a flanking position and took out both tanks. He destroyed five tanks for his breakfast.

9. James Hill


James Hill was a British 1st Parachute Brigade commander and was deployed in North Africa. On November 22, 1944 Hill successfully pulled off a feat of insanity. His Battalion came up against a German and Italian fortress which consisted of 300 soldiers and 3 light tanks. Due to a faulty grenade, he lost over 25 soldiers and in the moment of desperation, he barged at the three tanks with only a revolver in hand. He dodged the enemy fire and forced the soldiers to surrender in those three tanks while he was shot three times. After gaining victory, he was rushed to a hospital where he miraculously survived!

8. Charles Carpenter


Lieutenant Colonel Charles Carpenter is an example of real life Iron Man. He used to fly on reconnaissance missions during the Allied Siege of Lorient in 1944. One day he lost his mind (figuratively) and attached six bazooka launchers onto his observation plane. He went in solo and started bombing enemy bases for the rest of the war. After a series of bombings he had destroyed six tanks and several armored cars and he came to be known as “Bazooka Charlie”.

7. Fritz Christen


Fritz served for Warren-SS which spearheaded the German invasion of the USSR. On September 24, 1941 Fritz was manning an anti-tank battery. Soviet soldiers rained upon his regiment and he was the last man standing. He manned a 50 mm canon and charged at them alone for the rest of the engagement without food, supply and sleep. After three days of continuous struggle, he destroyed 13 tanks and killed over 100 soldiers all by himself!

6. Aubrey Cosens


Aubrey served in the Rifles of Canada regiment and was a daredevil in the battlefield. On February 25, 1945 in Germany, he captured an enemy stronghold all by himself! His regiment came under heavy counterattack while trying to occupy three farmhouses and started to retreat. Aubrey took command and charged towards the farmhouses under heavy fire and directed a tank to ram one of the buildings. He barged into the first building and killed all the hostiles, then he went to the second and the third building in the same way, killed and captured many. While he came out in all his glory, he was shot in the head by a sniper.

5. Ivan Pavlovich


Ivan was a cook for the 91st Regiment of the Red Army in the World War II. On August, 1941 while he was cooking dinner, he saw a German tank which had stalled near his kitchen. He picked up an axe and a rifle; and waited for the enemy to get out of the tank to fix it. He charged and the Germans were terrified of the axe-wielding Soviet running at them. The Germans got into the tank and started firing the machine gun. Ivan jumped on the tank, covered the observation hole by a tarpaulin and ordered his “imaginary” comrades to pass on the grenades. He forced them to surrender while under the pretense that the whole Red Army was waiting for them outside. Crazy or genius?

4. Leo Major


Leo Major and his equally crazy buddy Willy Arsenault volunteered to liberate the entire city of Zwolle, Holland from bombardment! The entire city was festered with Germans and these two gentlemen went in to kill all the Nazis all by themselves. While his partner was killed by a machine gun fire, he went in further alone! He ran through the streets firing his gun and throwing grenades, causing an illusion that the Canadian forces were attacking in full force. Germans got confused and started abandoning their posts, while Leo started lighting the enemy posts on fire as if it was Christmas. He found the Gestapo headquarters where he fought with eight soldiers and killed four of them while the rest of them ran away. He then waited for his regiment to come and pick him up!

3. Havildar Lachchiman Gurung


Havildar Lachchiman Gurung of the 8th Gurkha Rifles, served as a rifleman in the World War II. On May 12, 1945 his position came under heavy Japanese fire with over 200 soldiers advancing at his position. He hurled back two grenades thrown at him while on the third he lost his arm. For the next four hours he kept on reloading his rifle with one arm until reinforcements arrived. The commander of the reinforcement was dumb-founded as he had killed over 31 enemies with one arm!

2. Warren G.H. Crecy


Described as “quiet and shy”, Warren was a monster on the battlefield. He was a Tank Commander in the 761st Tank Battalion and was called the “Baddest man in the 761 regiment” for his heroics on November 10, 1944. His tank was disabled by the German troops, he jumped on a vehicle loaded with machine gun and killed all the advancing troops. When his replacement tank got bogged down in mud, he exited under heavy artillery fire and tried to clear the tracks! After that he returned to his machine guns, killed all the ground troops and single-handedly forced the Germans to retreat. This monster was awarded a Medal Of Honor for this crazy feat!

1. Fazal Din


Fazal Din was born on July 21, 1921 and was an Acting Naik in the 7th Battalion of the British Indian Army. While he was deployed in Myanmar on March 2, 1945, his unit came under heavy machine gun fire during an attack on a Japanese position. As he led his section towards the enemy camp, six Japanese soldiers emerged with swords and killed Fazal’s men while he was impaled in the chest. He pulled the sword out of his chest, killed all the other remaining enemies and staggered back to his camp, where he made his report and died of his wounds. Insane, right?


And there I was patting myself as brave for getting out of bed on a Monday morning. Sigh!

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