Top 12 Amazing Examples of Medusa Piercings

What is Medusa piercing?

Medusa piercing is also known as Philtrum piercing, which is one of the fastest growing trends in piercing, especially among young women. It is generally located above the center of the upper lip, in the area where most people have a “dip” beneath the nose. Even though lip piercings are very popular, the Medusa piercing is slowly gaining momentum because of its uniqueness and the fact that it accentuates the lips. It provides symmetrical balance to the face by highlighting your facial features. Moreover, it is easily identifiable because of its unique location and looks cute on girls. Check out some of the best examples of Medusa piercings which are available out there!

Medusa Gallery

12. Small Medusa Piercing


The Small Medusa piercing is the base of all Medusa piercings and is highly desirable because of its small size and simplicity. It is the best choice for people who are new to the piercing world, as the amount of pain felt is very less as compared to others in the list.

11. Bison Medusa Piercing


This type of Medusa piercing is called Bison Medusa due to the ring pierced in the nose with a Medusa. The ring pierced in the nose septum produces an illusion of the nose ring which is put in animals like bison, hence the name. The level of pain experienced is medium and it heals pretty fast.

10. Medusa and Labret Piercing


Medusa and labret piercing is the combination of Medusa along with a labret piercing under the lower lip. This type of piercing is not very popular because of intense pain during the procedure. Moreover, the healing period is long and the chances of infections is also very high.

9. Double Medusa Piercing


This type of Medusa is known as Double Medusa piercing. The reason being, the close proximity of the beads which are pierced into the “dip” beneath the nose. It involves double piercing of the philtrum that can be studded with a combination of small and large studs. Go for this only if you have high tolerance for pain.

8. Summer Triangle Medusa Piercing


The Summer Triangle Medusa piercing signifies the union of the three of the brightest stars in the night sky; Cygnus, Lyra and Aquila. So, go for this look if you are into stars and astronomy. Moreover, the pain experienced during the procedure is same as the small Medusa because of low number of nerve endings on the sides of nose.

7. Septum and Medusa Piercing


This type of Medusa is known as Septum and Medusa piercing. It is a very unique piercing design which can be worn by both men and women. Moreover, this procedure requires Medusa piercing plus nose septum to create an union of the small Medusa and the incomplete ring, to attain Yin and Yang. This type of Medusa is usually worn by people who are spiritual. The pain experienced is medium as the nose septum is moderately painful.

6. Medusa Lip Piercing


This type of Medusa is very common and is worn by majority of the people who are into piercings. With a nose septum, a small Medusa and a ring embedded in the lips, it is a kick-ass combination for people who are strong and resilient. Pain felt during the procedure is minimal and the healing period is also less.

5. Stretched Medusa Piercing


The Stretched Medusa piercing incorporates a small Medusa and multiple numbers of septum pierced in various locations all over the face. It is a very complex piercing method which requires a Medusa, lower lip septum and both ears piercing. Royals used to have their face pierced like this in Mayan times as it oozes strength and power. This procedure is extremely painful and this look is usually donned by people who have been into piercings for a very long time.

4. Lower Jestrum Piercing


This type of Medusa piercing is known as Lower Jestrum Medusa piercing, due to the in-line arrangement of the small Medusa and the jestrum piercing on the lower lips. Getting a small Medusa is relatively easier as compared to the lower jestrum piercing which is very painful. Very few are brave enough to go for this piercing as it causes problems while eating and drinking during the healing period.

3. Upper Jestrum Piercing


This type of Medusa is the same as lower jestrum Medusa, but the only difference is that it is worn on upper lips. It has the same level of pain and duration of the healing period as the lower jestrum Medusa. This type of Medusa is rarely preferred by the enthusiasts due to the disruptions encountered during food intake.

2. Medusa Piercing Rings


This look is the advanced version of the Medusa lip piercing due to multiple piercings worn on both lips. However, this look greatly differs from the former in respect to design. We can call it double ring Medusa because of its perfect symmetrical design. Moreover, the pain felt is intermediate which makes it very desirable.

1. The Triple Trouble


This type of Medusa boasts of a great combination between a small Medusa, nose septum and lower lip ring piercing. This piercing looks beautiful on people with a round face. It easily outlines the facial features and gives the face a thinner and smoother look. The pain experienced is high and it is usually worn by piercing veterans.

Things To Keep In Mind

Medusa piercing involves the upper lip, so you will have to undergo piercing at both ends. Once the piercing gets finished, you will have to follow the instructions of the piercer strictly. Moreover, the Medusa piercing is considered to be both a body and an oral piercing. After the completion of piercing, you should ensure that it is healing properly while giving up smoking and drinking during the healing process.

The Procedure

The process starts with the piercer sanitizing the area to be pierced. Then the piercer uses a small hollow needle to gently pierce the area. It is generally located on the top lip where the skin is soft and it is also located close to the gums, where it is a little painful even though the needle is quite small. The point you should keep in mind is that regular piercing guns can not be used in this procedure because they go through too much skin. However, the pain lasts only for a few minutes, but requires a couple of weeks of proper and regular aftercare. Every human body is different, so the healing duration can vary greatly. However, with proper care and patience, your Medusa piercing can make you look beautiful.

Risks Involved

This type of piercing comes with a few risks, and one of the potential risks is that the area gets infected if the aftercare instructions are not followed properly. Another potential risk is that you might not have any tolerance for pain and might abandon the process in between. However, piercers nowadays are professionally trained in basic medical care and they will assist you in every way they can to make you comfortable and relaxed. Moreover, write down all the necessary points and instructions given by the piercer to get the best out of your Medusa piercing.

Choosing The Right Piercer

Choosing the right piercer is very important while going for this type of piercing because it involves lots of risks and pain. You should do a little research of various piercing studios before jumping in to get pierced. Visiting a few piercing studios can be really helpful as you can clear all your doubts and worries face to face. Do not forget to look at their portfolios and you should come to a decision only when you are ready. Finally, do not forget to ask if the piercer is certified or not, which is absolutely necessary because you should get pierced by certified piercers only. Moreover, certified piercers are the best because they do not compromise with their work, as they might lose their license for doing their job under a specified standard.

Types Of Piercing Jewelry

As for the Medusa piercing jewelry types, it is better to start with a 16 gauge labret stud. It is more likely that you would be pierced with a long gauge because it is used in order to accommodate the swelling that you will experience during the healing process which usually lasts for four weeks. Even though many Medusa piercings are flaunted with a simple stud, there are also many interesting choices when it comes down to piercing jewelry.

Getting a piercing is a very complex decision which involves lots of research, pain and patience. Go for piercings only when you are both mentally and physically fit, as healing is faster in a healthy body. The Medusa piercing is beautiful if you choose the right jewelry to go with it. But, the bad news is, if you wish to take off the jewelry and move on, it leaves a scar. So, make up your mind carefully before diving in!

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