Top 12 World’s Scariest Airports

Taking a flight to your travel location for the first time? Takeoffs and landing can be particularly exciting yet stressful! The little adrenaline rush that you get once the place takes off or is about to land is surely a tingle that lasts till you are used to it. However, there are some airports where landings are actually scary owing to their incredible location and built. Here is a list of top 12 scariest airports of the world! If you are planning to travel by air, be mindful of these scary destinations!


  1. Saba Airport

This airport is located at a distance of 28 Miles from South of the island country St. Maarten, North America. The airport has the world’s shortest commercial airport runway which has the total length of just 400 meters (or 1300 Feet). Although the landing strip looks incredible owing to the beautiful surroundings, it is considered to be the most dangerous airport for landing. The pilot must have the vision of a hawk in order to successfully land the airplane on this runway.

  1. Toncontin Airport, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Situated in a valley which is 3, 294 feet above the sea level, the Toncontin airport has a number of hurdles against it. The runway is one of the shortest of the world which is just 6, 112 feet in length and is located in an unusual mountainous location. In order to line up with the runway, the pilots have to take a fast and sharp turn which causes a sudden drop in altitude causing the passenger’s heartbeats to rise. In addition to this, frequent gusts of wind can complicate the landing even further.

  1. LaGuardia Airport, New York City, U.S.A.

Located just eight miles from the city of Midtown Manhattan, landing to the LaGuardia Airport is another daunting adventure. Particularly handling domestic flights, the pilots landing to this airport need to be careful and avoid interfering with flights from the other nearby airports, JFK and Neawark. The runway is 7,000 foot long and is spread over water. The plane, in order to land, glides over flushing and bowery bays. You are in for some thrills if you are on board!

  1. Courchevel International Airport, France

With the runway of just 525 meters in length and a gradient of 18.5%, this airport landing is the most dangerous landings of the entire world. The pilots are supposed to navigate their way through the popular Alps Mountains before they land the place. Another alarming fact is the planes have to touch down at inclined angles in order to slow down.

  1. Wellington International Airport, New Zealand

With a 6,351 foot long runway which appears to begin and end suddenly in the crystal blue waters, landing into Wellington International is a thrilling task. Flying into the airport might make passengers a bit uneasy since you are constantly surrounded by danger. This landing is not for the weak hearted.

  1. Kai Tak Airport, Hong Kong

This was the airport that brought to the world most dangerous landings and this is the reason why it was closed in the year 1998. Not just landings, even take- offs from this airport were way too chilling. Landing used to be difficult and strong crosswinds along with the surrounding mountains simply added to the problem. There was a point of time when travelers were quite optimistic about this airport in Hong Kong. But now, this airport has been named as “The mother of all Scary Airports”.  Furthermore, the airport served to be the base of Cathay Pacific as well as many regional carriers. The pilots had to be careful enough to infuse cautions before landing or taking off.

  1. Lukla Airport, Nepal

In honor of the first two men to conquer the Mount Everest, the name of this airport has been changed to Tenzing- Hillary Airport. This Nepalese airport is frequently used by the people who wish to visit the Mount Everest which is considered to be the highest point on Earth. The airport is functioning at an altitude of whopping 8,000 feet and no modern air traffic control features are present at the airport. There are no lights at the airport and the electric power is diminutive which makes this one of the most dangerous airport landings of the entire world.

  1. McMurdo Air Station, Antarctica

Long runways are always good news when it comes to landings, however, what about when these runways are made up of ice? The McMurdo Air Station located on the shore of McMurdo Sound has three runways in total. Since these runways are made of ice, the chances of accidents are high. This is the reason the weight on the place needs to be checked to avoid the cracking of the ice. If you fly to Antarctica at the correct time of the year, pilots have to use night vision goggles in order to land since it will be dark all day.

  1. Princess Juliana International Airport, St. Maarten

This airport is one of the busiest airports in the Caribbean; this doesn’t mean that landing here is not scary! In order to make the perfect landing, the pilots need to fly over a little part of the breech, then a fence needs to be crossed over which will lead to a road which needs to be passed over too, finally after all these adventures, the plane will land on the runway. If this still isn’t scary enough, the length of the runway is too short and is just 7,150 feet long. In order to insure a safe landing, at least 8,000 feet are needed by large aircrafts and heavier planes require 10,000 feet length. The airport was initially built for small and medium planes but big sized planes land here too!

  1. Paro Airport, Bhutan, Himalayan Mountains

Located in the vast Himalayan mountains, this airport if the most dangerous airport to land in the world. This is evident from the fact that a number of eight pilots are qualified enough to land in this daunting airstrip. Being 1.5 miles above the sea level and surrounded by sharp mountain peaks which are upto 18, 000 feet tall, the runway is just 6,500 feet long. If you are flying to this remote region, it is advisable to take something which keeps your heartbeat steady.

  1. Courchevel, France

It is said that the runway of this airport resembles a ski slope. The pitch is just 536 meters long along with the 18.5 percent gradient which is known to quickly slow down the arriving plane. Pilots are required to get a special permit to land here.

  1. Juancho E. Yrausquin, Netherlands Antilles

If you are a nervous flier, you should not opt for a plane that will land at this airport. With just 396 meters of length, the airstrip is considered to be one of the most challenging to land upon. This airport is fit for only small sized aircrafts. Hilly areas on one side and utter drops on the other three sides border the airport.

If you are a thrill seeker, chances are that you have in front of yourself the list of destination for your next vacations. These breathtakingly adventurous aircraft landings and take offs will give you the most exciting experience of your life!

Pack your bags and get ready for a “Happy” and ‘Soothing’ journey (Irony Intended)!


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