Top 14 Amazing Giant Sculptures

Sculptures are usually a symbol of one’s culture. While some sculptures are there to pay tribute to some of the greatest human beings that has ever walked on the earth, some sculptures are made to commemorate a special event. Sculpture is defined as ‘the art of making two or three dimensional representation or abstract, especially by carving wood, stone or by casting metal or plaster. Sculptures are often straightforward, but sometimes are creative and carry some message for the next generation. Often, sculptures are large, to influence the ‘Larger than Life’ phrase and to gain attention from people. Here, in this article, we have listed the top 14 amazing giant sculptures.

14.London Ink Swimmer

If you have ever walked around the southern bank of River Thames, between Tower Bridge and City Hall, you must have seen the giant sculpture of a man, who is swimming through the grass. Looks weird when you first see it, but this 36 feet long human sculpture is all set to amaze you. The Sculpture of the swimmer is made out of reinforced polystyrene. This sculpture on the southern bank of the Thames river is a major attraction for tourists. The Structure was made for the promotion of a new series of Discovery Channel named London Ink, which was a show about Tattooing.


13.Louis Bourgeois’ Spider

Born in 1911 at Paris, Louis Bourgeois is referred to as the most important artists in the World today. The 30 feet spider which stands outside the Tate Modern building in London, is one of the six giant spiders made by her in the 1990’s. The 30 feet spider is made out of bronze, stainless steel and marble. The series of spider which she made in the 1990’s is also called as the ‘maman’. In 2007, to commemorate her excellent works in the field of Arts, one of her giant spiders were exhibited outside the very prestigious Tate Modern building.


12.The Monywa Buddha’s

In the south east hills of Monywa, there is the Maha Bodhi Ta Htaung, a Burmese monastery, which is known for its two giant sculptures of Buddha. There is a 90-meter-long reclining Buddha and a 116-meter-high standing Buddha. While the reclined Buddha explains his death and the time after he attained nirvana, the standing Buddha is Buddha in his original preaching form. Both the reclining Buddha and the standing Buddha is hollow, and visitors can actually walk inside them, and see the carvings inside. The reclining Buddha was completed in 1991, and the standing was completed recently in 2008.


11.The Magic Tap

When you see the Magic Tap at Aqualand in Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain, it would seem that the water is coming from thin air. The Magic Tap appears to be floating from the sky, and endless water is coming through it. It is nothing but a clever illusion. This spectacular optical illusion is done by a transparent water tube, which is exactly in the middle of the water column. The water tube pumps water from below, and also stabilizes the large Tap. The water goes up through the tube, and then falls from the tap. The turbulent water column hides the tube from view.


10.Silver Dog, Denver, Colorado

Standing upright outside the Denver Animal Shelter is a 20 feet high dog glistens in the Colorado Sunshine. This Silver Dog was created by Tom Drugan and Laura Haddad, for the Denver Animal Shelter. The name of the dog as given by the creator is Sun Spot. The skeleton of Sun Spot is made with Steel, and then covered with about 90000 shiny dog tags. These shiny dog tags glistens and shimmers whenever the sunlight falls upon it and jingles in the breeze. Sun spot welcomes every visitor to the Animal shelter, and also welcomes people who travel on the Interstate 25. In the evening, Sun Spot glows with the LED lights attached to it.


9.Christ the Redeemer Statue

Located at Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, this world famous statue of Jesus Christ, is also known as the Christ the Redeemer. It scales to more than 2000 feet, and offers stunning views to the visitors. The statue itself is of about 100 feet in height, and its unique design led to its recognition and the selection in the new seven wonders of the World.


8.Mao Zedong Statue

The Youth Mao Zedong Statue has a length, width and height of 272,135,105 feet respectively. The statue is located at the Orange Isle, Changsha, Hunan, China. It depicts Mao Zedong as he was in the age 32. It depicts only the face of Mao Zedong. The people’s government of Hunan started building it in 2007, and completed it in 2009. As per official sources, it took 8000 pieces of Granite to make the Statue, which was exported from Fujian. The work is said to have cost around $35 million.


7.Monster Saw

In front of the Tokyo International Exhibition Centre or Tokyo Big Sight is a monster saw which attracts curious onlookers, tourists and art lovers. The Saw is massive reaching to a height of 15.4 meter with a red handle. It sticks out of the ground, and appears as if it is cutting the ground in half. Created by Coosje Van Bruggen and Claes Oldenburg, the saw is one of the prime spots in Tokyo.


6.Dreaming Girl

The M62 highway between Liverpool and Manchester, features a 20-meter-high face of a girl, who appears to be dreaming while having her eyes closed. The name of the girl as given by the creator, Jaume Plensa is dream. With the eyes closed and serenity on the face, it seems like dream is lost in her own imaginary world. As said by critics, the artwork symbolizes the future. The ‘Dreaming Girl’ is located at the former site of Sutton Manor Colliery.


5.Forever Marilyn

Designed by the famous artist Seward Johnson, the forever Marilyn is a statue of the legendary Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe. The statue is depicted from one of the stills of Marilyn Monroe’s famous movie “The Seven Year Itch”. The statue was inaugurated in 2011, and initially was at Chicago, from where it was recently transferred to Palm Springs, California.


4.Die Badende

The Hamburg’s Inner Alster Lake welcomed a new inhabitant on 2011, and it was not just any duck or fish. It was a huge sculpture of a women bathing in a bathtub. The sculpture made the Inner Alster Lake as the biggest bathtub in the World. The giant women sculpture was called “Die Badende” or The Bather, and was created by a famous German artist named Oliver Voss. The foam and steel sculpture rises 13 feet above the water and is 67 feet long and weighs approximately 2 tons. In reality the sculpture was made for the promotion of a soap brand named “Soap and Glory”.


3.Spoonbridge and Cherry

Another wonderful sculpture by the artist couple Claes Oldenburg and Coosje Van Bruggen, the Spoonbridge and Cherry is the signature of the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden located at Minnesota. Due to the enormity of the sculpture and the fabrication complexity, it was made at a ship building yard at New England. The spoon approximately weighs 5800 pounds, while the cherry weighs 1200 pounds.


2.Giant Buddha of Leshan

Located at the Southern part of Sichuan province of China near Leshan, the 233 feet giant Buddha was built during the rule of Tang Dynasty. Carved out of the cliff, it is the largest stone Buddha in the World. The Giant Buddha is carved on the Xijuo mountain, and overlooks three great rivers of China. It is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites and was made with great detailing. The construction started in 703AD, and finished on 813 AD. It has also been said, that approximately a thousand buns were made to produce Buddha’s coiled hair.


1.Statue of Liberty

We all know about the Statue of Liberty. The humongous structure of 151 feet stands high and mighty in the Liberty Islands of New York Harbor. The Statue of Liberty was made in France with steel support, and then was assembled in the Unites States of America. Designed by the famous designer of the colossal age Frederic Bartholdi, the Statue of Liberty was made by Gustave Eiffel and gifted to the United States of America on 1886. The Statue of Liberty was the gift from the people of France to America. The statue represents Libertas, the Roman Goddess bearing a torch.



These stunning sculptures listed above, each have a story to tell, a history to be proud of. As time passes, these sculptures will wear out, but their memories will stay forever with human beings.

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