Top 15 Best Birthday Gifts you can give your Wife

Is it her birthday the next week and you’re still contemplating on the gift? Honey, let me tell you a secret, if she gets to know this – you’re in for some trouble. How can you not have her birthday gift packed and ready just one week in advance? For you Mr. Hubby it is a criminal offence to commit and you better be pulling up your socks and decide what to get, NOW. Actually, wait, just take my piece of mind for what she may like. Gift I’d love from hubby dearest can perhaps be an add on card to his credit card (God save his credit limits), but that is hardly a gift again. Here is what to gift her on her special day.

15. Million Dollar Lady : That Investment Designer Label

designer label

Alright, a little common sense and you’d know that the lady loves her clothes best, and her bags, and her shades, and footwear really! So what are you gifting her? A Versace Dress and nude Christian Louboutin Pumps and Hermes Birkin and Jimmy Choo Shades, one from them all or really just one in all. Ladies love getting pampered and with a Rolex on their wrist they’d feel like her majesty. All those holes you may be burning in your pocket, will sure be worth the happiness.  Talking of Brands, she will never mind a Ferrari.

14. Queen Like Treatment : Limited Edition Investment Pieces

limited edition2

Almost every brand has their usual collection, and then the limited editions they introduce every now and then. Next time Tiffany is coming with a collection like that, you are buying your wife that new love band in platinum which no one but she has. Or maybe an author signed version of her favourite book. Or perhaps those range of clothes from the fashionista she follows to the T. Anything that is limited edition would make her feel over cloud 9. No questions asked.

13. Back to Maiden Days: A trip with her girlfriends/ soul sisters

Trip with girls

She’d hate it if you’d give it for her first birthday after the wedding, but it can make for a really touching gift to think of her kin and gift a trip somewhere near. Depending on your budget, it could be a road trip to a countryside resort or letting her fly international to shopping destinations the girls would all love. How to make that trip better? Perhaps by joining in on their leaving date and extending your trip for a while. She’d love you a zillion times over.

12. The Silken Lady : Luxury Skin Care and Make Up


No woman cannot like La Prairie for her skin care and Sisley for her makeup. If her vanity is full of Dior and Chanel, you wouldn’t know what confidence boost would it be for your lady. As much as you see her as the most flawless being, she’d sure have certain insecurities about her looks, and well, for ladies, the weight – they manage it, everything else – the makeup does. Gift her a hamper from a luxury skin care and makeup brand. She’d know you love her crazy, inch by inch.

11. Butterflies in her Stomach: A Romantic Candle Light Dinner


Yes, she’d love to spend time out on her birthday with her special man. You just have to give the cue and see her dressed her best – to impress. Shouldn’t it be the other way around on her birthday though? I’d rather Mr Hubby be in Tux and Tie while I be comfy in my Minnie Mouse Night gown. But a romantic candle light dinner and love making afterwards is sure going to keep those butterflies alive until much later. Just, please, pre – order your dishes. You do not want the butterflies to turn into starving mice.

10. Her Best Friend : Diamond Jewellery or Love Bands

diamond jewellery

A diamond is a girls’ best friend. There’s no jewellery you can ever go wrong with for the lady of your life. Get her diamond or platinum, gold or silver, she’d keep it like her life depends on it. Why? Because first, she loves jewellery. Second, she loves you and that’s a gift from you!

9. Best Song Ever : Karaoke Birthday Party (Sing to her)


How can a lady not love her husband singing to her, or for her. Those are just little things men ought to know. Men fall in love with what they see, Women with what they hear. Organize a Karaoke party for her birthday night and sing to her the favourite songs of love as her birthday rings in. She may shed a tear or two, but she’d be madly in love with you.

8. Those long hours of Talking: Latest Gadgets


She might not say it out and loud, but she loves her gadgets too. No, she may not have anything to do with the processing speed or unit, but she’d have tons to do with the camera and the selfie camera. Gift her a phone she’s been long wanting. She’d love the gadget, and she’d love how you knew.

7. Love her like you do : Take her to her favourite concert

One Direction Performing At The O2 Arena

I know this friend who flew his wife 2000 miles to get her to catch her favourite One direction Concert. You’re being bad if you cannot take her out to her favourite local concert at the least. She’d love the time out at the concert, the theatre or even the workshop by who she idealizes. And well, you guys get so much time together too.

6. What makes her feel beautiful: Lots of Shopping Bags

shopping spree

Don’t know what to get her for a gift? Take her out for shopping on her birthday and let her shop till she drops, then stop for coffee and cookies, and again shop till you drop again. Make sure however that she knows you didn’t forget the birthday. Maybe wish her with a self baked cake at midnight and let her know of the impending gift she’d get so soon!

5. The Fairy-tale Unfolds : Surprise Birthday Party


Call all her kin and her girlfriends, just not your guy friends who annoy her by keeping you too busy with video games. She’d love to be treated nice and get all the attention, and a surprise birthday party will sure sweep her off her feet. Better still, if you could plan a theme and go by it!

4. Pamper the princess : Services at the Spa


Yes, she’s never going to mind the endless hours at the Spa doing wonders for her skin. What is it that she’ll love better? Perhaps, a couple spa package where you can relax and talk and spend a day together. It can be at a local spa or a natural therapy spa centre or resort along the countryside. All you ought to have is each other’s company and being pampered mad

3. Your dream together : The memory lane of photographs

memory book

If there is one thing priceless you’d gift to her, they have to be memories. How about a collage of photographs? Or perhaps a memory book that narrates your journey together, through thick and thin, in good health and spirit, just all the memories to make her look back to and create even more from then.

2. A crazy night at the club; Breakfast in the bed


She’d love to dance at the club, calling in her birthday with the best of songs and drinks. She’d party till she’s got shoe bites and still that won’t be enough. So take her out clubbing, let her get the hangover, and the morning that is to come should see you be the chef. Get her coffee and breakfast in bed with a little something (that is too touchy) for a gift. That morning, you’d see your wife fall in love with you, AGAIN!

1. Steal Your Girl : Those Romantic Getaways


If I know the least about ladies, they all love to travel. When it is talking of romantic getaways, well the butterflies that flutter make us so impatient. How about an exotic beach resort package for just the two of you? Who would mind a second honeymoon, or a third, or the zillionth, one for each of her birthdays.

All in all, if you still didn’t know what gift to give, the bottom line is let it be of togetherness. The day she’d like with you than with all those presents – unwrapping them while you be at work! So just take out the time, and the least you’d do would be the best you can do! And maybe then it would be the Perfect Birthday gift, tied with ribbons of promises.

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