Top 15 Characteristics and Personality Traits of a Libra

What do Gwen Stefani, Eminem, Ralph Lauren, Kate Winslet and even Amitabh Bachchan have in common? They’re all Libras! People born under this zodiac of balance and justice are generally very favourable and friendly people, owing to their love for socializing and partnerships. They are calm collected, and peaceful, and will make sure they have assessed both sides of a situation before they pass any kind of judgment or make a decision. Librans love books, and have an incredibly curious mind, always seeking out people to have deep, stimulating conversations with. Here are the Top 15 characteristics and traits of the Libra zodiac sign:



1. Intellectuals

Although graceful and good-looking, a Libran head is never all air and no brain. Librans are always hankering for brain-picking, intelligent and healthy discussions and conversations, and it’ll take one only a few moments to realize that they’re more than just a pretty face. Since their enthusiasm enables them to have a curious mind, they often are multi-talented and have various interests, all of which you can be sure they excel in. Their witty humour and occasional sarcasm (never meant to offend, mind you–Librans hate to be rude) is sure to impress anyone that engages with it, and never do they leave a conversation unfinished, if they find it interesting enough.

2. Narcissists

Librans usually know just the kind of impact they have on people, and they revel in it all the same. Although they are not narcissists to the level of being haughty, they perfectly know how to secure the balance between self-assurance and humility. You will rarely find a Libra who isn’t humble–they believe in keeping their feet on the ground and not forgetting their roots. Additionally, you will almost never find a Libra who isn’t well put-together and looking neat and tidy. They love to be well-groomed and pay enough attention to their attire and appearance, making them hard to resist.

3. Ruled by the planet Venus

Venus is the planet associated with charm and all things beautiful. Because of this, quality is always, always more important and quantity to them. They’d rather invest in a good purchase than buy something that is of questionable quality and durability. The same goes for their relationships: Librans usually gauge a person carefully, weighing both the pros and cons of a person, which may lead to them taking a while to settle upon a firm decision. However, once they’ve decided how they feel about someone, they always stick through. Librans are often surrounded by art and music, are lovers of literature, and are incredibly creative themselves. They are also lovers of beautiful places and spaces, and you’ll never find a Libran room which lacks all of these elements.

4. Indecisive

Since this zodiac sign is a firm believer in being fair and just, Librans never rush to a decision, and detest it when they are made to. They may take a lot, and I mean a lot of time to reach there, but once they are there, you can be sure that they will not budge. This is because Librans never make a decision without gauging the pros and cons of the situation, and without listening to both sides of it. They then decide to the best of their judgment which side is wrong and which side is right. This makes them excellent lawmakers, and their decision will most likely be the correct one, even though they may not personally like it. They oscillate from opinion to opinion, fact to fact, often leading them to annoy the people around them, but once they reach a conclusion, you can be sure it’s the logically fair one.

5. Born Leaders

Librans are born with the ability to lead. They are also good at convincing people to not just see their side, but also agree with it. Since they do not believe in injustice even at their own cost, they will never give anybody undue privilege and/or advantage in their team (including themselves), and make sure everyone has an equal amount of chance and opportunity. Within groups, even when they are not the leaders, they will work to the best of their ability to deserve the privilege they get. Coupled with their ambition, integrity and charm, Librans are the firm yet gentle hand of guidance in any group.

6. Diplomatic

Librans possess the inborn ability to convince both sides to hear them out, and to cushion the blow in order to leave no one hurt. They may not agree with the other person’s point-of-view, but they will present theirs in such a way that no one is offended. Since they hate being rude, are usually quite well-mannered, and pacifists to the bone, they will make sure that they do not start an argument or a fight, and in the event of it, try to solve it as peacefully as they can.

7. Amicable

Librans are always helpful and fun to be with. Coupled with their friendliness as well, you can be sure that a Libra is always surrounded by people. They are also fiercely loyal, and only leave people if they have truly, deeply offended and hurt them. But even then, since they forgiving by nature and also dislike holding grudges, they are givers of second, third, and even fourth chances. Always open-minded, they won’t break a friendship without hearing the other person out.

8. Elegant

Thanks to the planet Venus, a Libra is not only good to talk to, but even better to look at. Usually dashing and stylish, you’ll never find that top that was so last season being worn by a Libra. They are fashionable with a good eye for figuring out what goes with what, and they’re always at the top of the style game. Be it formalwear or casuals, they’ll leave you wondering just how they manage to look so damn good. Librans will also help their friends out in choosing an appropriate attire for an event, and are the best to go shopping with. You can be rest assured they will never splurge on unnecessarily expensive things but rather buy good quality clothing that they know will last them a good four to five years.

9. Superficial

In their efforts to be liked and appreciated, Librans often tend to become superficial and pretentious. Since they like to look presentable and nice, they are usually mistaken to be shallow and lacking substance. They also appreciate the good life and the finer things life has to offer, and this may lead to some thinking that Librans are materialistic and driven by consumerism. However, on a closer look, one will see that almost each and every one of their purchase is being utilized to its full effect, and once they begin to converse with them, they realize that Librans have quality not just in their looks, but also their thoughts.

10. Social Butterfly

Librans desire company and are social butterflies to the core. They crave good people, and you will almost never find them being alone. They usually make friends really fast, and are the life of any group that they are a part of. Librans will usually hang out with a bunch of different people, since there’s nothing worse than monotony to a Libra. They like variety, and you can be sure that they have a friend everywhere they go.

11. Flirtatious

Thanks to their combined talent of being charming yet witty, Librans are expert flirts, sure to capture the attention of their partner. They are sweet-talk coupled with razor-sharp logic, and are not afraid to point out where you’ve gone wrong, even though they really like you. To them, they’re only helping you be rationally sound, and you will most probably thank them for that in the future. Librans will be fun to date, and be sure to receive a barrage of warm texts, loads of fuzzy movie-nights yet funny and adventurous moments, along with strong support and loyalty. In a relationship, Librans are the pillars of strength for their significant other, and believe in being in it for the long run.

12. Detached

Since Librans are both sides of the scale, if you have the fun and outgoing side of a Libra, you can be sure to eventually see the aloof, detached side of one as well. Librans have bursts of energy in which they are the most productive, and get things done at a lightning fast speed and leave you wondering just how they do it. However, when they reach a phase–which they eventually do–when they feel lazy and slouch takes over, they can be missing-in-action for weeks at a time. Putting the ‘pro’ in procrastination, they put off things to be done at the very last moment until they feel energetic enough again to do it. They don’t like to leave things half-finished, or put in half-efforts. They always want to do their best and they know when they’re not being productive–therefore they’d rather wait until they’re up and at it again rather than force themselves to work on something they know is not to the best of their abilities, ending up putting themselves off even more.

13. Idealists

Librans are quite optimistic in nature and most of the Librans you’ll meet will be Librans who truly want a peaceful, harmonized world. They know they’re shooting for the stars here, but they have faith nevertheless. They often idealize a world with no negativity, and to them, conflict and wars are completely unnecessary. Although having a positive outlook is great, this often puts their practicality and realistic vision at a setback.

14. Bossy

Leadership with a Libra can be great and fulfilling, given everything goes according to the plan. Librans are meticulous and like to be well-organized, so be sure to expect a neat and detailed plan of how they want their coworkers to operate. Even a slight mishap may send the Libran leader into a fuss, leading to them having to be controlling and bossy to whoever has gone a little awry, and off-track. However, the same bossy Libran can also be strongly expected to apologize for their behaviour once everything has cooled down, they will most definitely mean it.

15. Romantics

Established flirts, Librans are dire romantics at heart. They love to spoil and pamper their loved ones, and will shower them with gifts and surprises every now and then. They have a lot of love to give and often, lack of reciprocation leads to them being aloof and disappointed in their significant other. However, since Librans believe in giving just as much their partner does, they usually do not end up going too fast or too intense for the other person either. They are great listeners and conversationalists, and if their partner is going through a tough time then a Libran will always be there with complete and wavering faith and support.

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