Top 15 Greatest Pranksters on YouTube with Channel Links

We have all been there, done that. Pulling practical jokes on our friends during recess, recklessly knocking on our neighbour’s door what we proudly called “ding dong ditch”, dialing a random number from our old landline phones, just for the LOLs of it! Home is the ideal place for pulling any prank. After all, what can be more gratifying than pulling a quickie on your sibling? And oh, how can you forget April fool’s day? The prank fever is always on an ultimate high during the season. While most of the pranks are fun and harmless, it can sometimes aggravate to bullying or harassing. Good judgement is a must while pranking as serious physical or psychological damage can be done. So, while we enjoyed japing as fun, some prank masters went on a hunting peregrination with their video recorders and put them online for everyone to have their bit of fun. This has since become a budding fashion. Believe it or not, but some pranksters on YouTube have as much as 100 million views on their videos! Yup, you read that right.

So, here is a list of the greatest pranksters on YouTube with their Channel links.


  1. Dudesons:

Dudesons are a group of four best friends who are besotted with pranking. These Finland lads grew up together as they attended the same school. They started filming their pranks as a fad and soon gained popularity. They later bagged a show on a local TV channel which later got them an exclusive TV series on national television. The Dudesons are known for their hilarious, harmless and fun pranks. With have over 2 million subscribers on YouTube, one cannot be simply average.

YouTube Channel Link:-


  1. Magic of Rahat:

Rahat Hossain or Magic of Rahat is not any other YouTube prankster, he adds a twist to his pranks by by bringing the element of magic in as a peculiarity. He is known for his out of the box ideas of pranking, one being him camouflaging himself as a car seat and going to various drive-thru’s. But that’s not all, Rahat has a soft side too, pranking people into helping them with problems in their lives. So, if you’re looking to warm your heart and giggle at the same time, you found your spot.

YouTube Channel link:-

  1. LAHWF:

Andrew Hales is a prankster who prefers the classical one-on-one approach. He approaches lonesome pedestrians and tries to engage them in awkward conversations and hilarity ensues. Singing, dancing and overly extended handshakes with strangers are just in a day’s work for him. His most distinctive videos are when he goes up to random girls and tries to use awkward pick-up lines on them. If you’re on the lookout for some awkward social encounters LAHWF is what you need.

YouTube Channel link:-

  1. Just for Laughs Gags:

Who can forget JLG, watching this show with the whole family on Sunday nights just brings warm and hilarious memories back to mind. With their wide variety of silent pranks, JLG is one of the oldest pranksters in the business. All sorts of prank from jump scares to random proposals they’ve got it all. These guys are practically the godfathers of pranking. Check them out if you’re looking for some wholesome pranking or just check ‘em out for the sake of nostalgia.

YouTube Channel link:-


  1. Ed Bassmaster:

Ed Bassmaster is a master of disguise. This man is a theatrical genius, going around playing his menu card of characters and annoying strangers to the very limit. It takes a while to adapt to his style of pranking but once you’re on board the train you don’t want to get off. All I have to say about this guy is “Would ya look at this!”.

YouTube Channel link:-

  1. Viral Brothers:

Cenek Styblo and Eric Meldik are a Czech duo that are most popularly known for their hard pranks. If you enjoy some ruthless prank plots, this is your go-to channel. Their most famous is the one where Cenek pranks his girlfriend on breaking up with her. Listening to this, she jumps out of a window and dies! Turns out she already knew about the prank and decided to double prank him by throwing a dummy out of the window. Now that was savage!

YouTube Channel link:-


 9. How to Prank it up:

Dennis Roady can bring the house down in seconds! Be it a fake shark attack or setting up a fake robbery during a live interview, this guy has done it all. With a new movie coming out alongside friends and famous YouTubers Vitalyzd and Roman Atwood, Roady is definitely on a roll.

YouTube Channel link:-

  1. Fousey Tube:

Yousef Eraket is Palestinian-American YouTuber. From making as silly as a phone call prank to getting spanked on the beach, this veteran prankster has done it all. His most famous pranks of all is the adorable ‘Spiderman in real life’ prank where he goes up to little kids, impersonating Spiderman and asks them to help him beat Venom. Most of his videos consist of abstract prank ideas.

YouTube Channel Link:-


  1. Big Daws TV:

Dawson loves to play with random strangers. His best videos show him as his nerdy and ‘gangsta’ alter ego, going around threatening bystanders or just rapping. Seeing a 6 foot plus guy, wearing high waist jeans, thick rimmed spectacles and fashionably obsolete sweaters, going around bullying people (all harmlessly!) is sure to crease you up.

YouTube Channel link:-

   6. Jack Vale Films:

Jack Vale, popularly known for his fart pranks is yet another YouTuber who gets a charge out of pulling silly pranks in public places. His awkward social experiments where he creeps people out by doing the most obnoxious things are also a must watch!

YouTube Channel link:-


  1. Steve Greene Comedy:

Steve Greene is one sadist prankster. He is known for some very controversial gags as he plants hidden cameras in public places and records reactions. While most pranksters settled with the “kiss prank”, where a guy attempts to kiss random girls on the street either by holding a cute puppy or saying some really cheesy lines, Greene went on making a “Sex Prank”, shocking everyone, where he literally asks girls to have sex with him (and they agree!).

YouTube Channel link:-

  1. Whatever:

Brian, popularly known by his youtube page Whatever, is funky prankster with a different approach. Rather than pranking people he knows, dressed in satirical costumes he targets strangers going around in public places. His goofy antics will definitely leave you pealing with laughter. Another trick up his sleeve is the great use of wordplay and taking sexual innuendos literally, like asking someone if he can hold her jugs and as it turned there were actual jugs in his friend’s hand behind her. Check him out if you’re looking for something different in terms of pranks.

YouTube Channel link:-

  1. Vitalyzd TV:

Vitaly Zdorovetskiy is a Russian prankster who is sure to make you fall about the place laughing. A man crazy enough to streak the FIFA World Cup final just because he got a kick out of it is probably crazy enough to make you laugh. This man is not afraid to sustain any social embarrassment, from interrupting live news reports to wearing children’s clothing in a shopping store. Along with his buddy and co-YouTuber Roman Atwood, Vitaly is what the doctor recommends for boredom.

YouTube Channel link:-


  1. Prank vs Prank:

Prank vs Prank has more than 9 million subscribers on their channel! So, what is the secret ingredient to this channel? I’d say love. Okay, maybe not. But these two love birds are totally killing YouTube with their couple pranks.

YouTube Channel link:-


  1. Roman Atwood:

Roman Atwood is another crazy hidden camera prankster and any list will be incomplete without him. Though he has a mixed bag of pranks, his most popular and out right insane ones are those he pulls on his girlfriend. Anything from telling her he cheated on her to throwing his kid off a balcony (dummy, of course!), this man is a laugh riot. Neighbours and friends are his usual victims. A large number of videos are collaborations with his friend VitalyzdTV, also a prankster and many others. One to look out for is the plastic ball prank.

YouTube Channel Link:-


So, what are you waiting for? Go check these awesome Youtubers and have your today’s laughter pill!

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