Top 15 Important Qualities Parents must Possess

Being a good parent is definitely not an easy task and not everyone’s cup of tea. There exist many people who find it difficult as it is full of challenges. The art of parenting is not something you can learn entirely from ‘parenting manuals’. Most people say that it is the ‘experience’ which teaches everything but there is no harm in taking any external help! This article is not only a great read for the ‘to-be-parents’ but also for the ones who have been dealing with parenthood for quite some time now. Knowing the right way of parenting is very important!

The first question that hits a parent’s mind is “Am I a good father/mother?” or “Will I be a good father/mother?” If you think the answer is ‘NO’ then this article is JUST FOR YOU! Even if you think the answer is a ‘YES’, then you won’t mind improvising!

Top 15 Important Qualities Parents must Possess

1. Moderately Strict

It is very important to maintain the level of strictness you hold on your kids. Too much strictness spoils a child. Not being strict at all gives your child the undue advantage which he/she might misuse. A parent should be moderately strict. Yelling or scolding is not always the solution. Sometimes, a normal mature conversation may do wonders!


2. Respects Interests

A child’s mind is vivid in terms of all the colourful thoughts and interests. It is a parent’s duty to respect their children’s interests. If your child loves painting, give him as much exposure as you can to let him/her sharpen his/her skills. Don’t push your child in the other direction in the name of ‘career’. Respect what he/she likes and what they want to pursue in life.


3. Good teacher

A parent is a child’s first teacher and hence the parent has to be a good teacher. Being a good teacher doesn’t imply entirely to the academic background here. It refers to the kind of values, morals and upbringing inculcated by that parent. Narrate them inspiring stories or stories with a lesson. If your kids are grown up, then it is very important to guide them through in order to keep them on the right track.


4. Funny

A pinch of humour may heal a lot may things! Being funny as a parent not only makes you cool in front of your kids but also bridges down the awkwardness. This quality opens up the parent-child bond to such an extent that the child feels free to share anything with his/her parent without hesitation.


5. Adventurous

Being adventurous as a parent adds fun to the experience of parenting. There is nothing better than exploring new places, indulging in adventurous sports and having a great time with your kids! These are the memories that will stay with you and with them all through life!


6. Caring

This is a mandatory quality every parent possesses without saying. Being there for your child is the foremost thing to do. A child is care-free when around his/her parents. This is because of the eternal bond they share! Somewhere down the road, your children are your reflection and hence they will learn a lot from your positive qualities.


7. Supportive

Support your kids, no matter they are right or wrong. There are different ways of supporting them in both the cases. Supporting your kid when he /she has done nothing wrong is pretty much justified but in the other case, support them in order to correct their mistake. This will make them a stronger person. Your kids will trust you more since you trusted them in their worst time! All you have to do is, be their solid support system.


8. Patience

Patience is not only the key to success but to many closed doors! Pouncing on your kids all the time is not a very good idea. Notice their activities patiently and talk to them about it if need be. Give them their space and try understanding patiently what they really what to convey. By being patient, you will avoid over-reacting.


9. Dress your age

This one might sound funny but down the line, this is one of the many important qualities a parent must possess. Though everyone has the complete right to wear whatever they feel like, be it western, ethnic, regional etc. Make sure that you don’t dress shabbily as your kids will follow you. Dress up in clothes that suit your age, clothes that add to your personality because kids look up to their parents for almost every single thing in life.


10. Adaptive to Change

Be ready for any change, negative or positive as parenthood is a roller coaster journey with ups and downs. Try adapting the positive ones and wisely discard the negative ones. The definition of ‘change’ here is not defined. It may be anything. Be adaptive, stay happy.


11. Ability to bridge down the ‘Generation Gap’

Generation Gap is one obstacle every parent-child relationship goes through. I would be wrong if I say that only parents need to make efforts to bridge down this gap because a child has to make efforts too. This includes understanding each other’s point of view, respecting each other’s interests and mainly having a wide spectrum of thoughts. Bridging down this gap to some extent is also appreciable. By doing this, your relationship and bond with your child will get stronger and better.


12. Open-minded

A parent should be open-minded. It is the 21st century and you cannot afford to stay put with your narrow-minded approach. You have got to open up. Lend your ears to your children when they tell you about any of your mistakes and take it sportingly. If you choose to follow this ‘open-minded’ approach, only then will your children be comfortable enough to share everything with you else they will simply hide things from you.


13. Maintain a Healthy Environment

Arguments happen between every couple but the point you need to take care of is that these arguments shouldn’t spoil the environment of your home. Keep things subtle and calm. A healthy home-like environment is very important for proper conditioning of your children.


14. Understanding

It is very important that a parent understands his/her child. A parent should be able to understand by just looking at their child whether he/she is upset or not. The ability to understand your child comes naturally but yes this can be facilitated by an open-minded approach.


15. Strong Decision-making power

Making decisions and making the right decisions is a very important responsibility that a parent holds. It is crucial as it will affect your child’s life. Think, discuss (with your partner) and then reach the conclusion before you decide anything. Take all the points into consideration while deciding anything. Don’t take important decisions in a haste.



Hope, you now know what qualities to work on. The above-mentioned qualities will definitely help you become the ideal parent and trust me that you will do a great job! Happy Parenting!


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