Top 15 Negative Effects of Using Cosmetics and Makeup Daily

We love “getting ready” for every occasion. Be it a formal meeting or an informal lunch, a marriage celebration or an outing, we must look picture perfect. The dab of face powder, the streak of kohl, the perfect winged- eyeliner, the sheen of lip-gloss, the coordinating nail paint and the unspoiled hair styling! Phew! These steps can be more in number but never the lesser. We won’t even imagine skipping a single thing out of these before leaving our place.

The seen results- Clear, shiny skin on outside and flawlessly done hair. Perfect? No!

The unseen results- Devastated skin from inside and wrecked hair health. Truth? Yes!

To alarm you of the harm, read on our Top 15 Negative Effects of Using Cosmetics and Makeup Daily!

15. Wreck the natural healthy skin!

All those powders make you appear picture ready. You can’t stop complimenting your looks. But disheartening it is that they do more harm than good. The powdery beauty is going to stay only till night leaving you with smashed up skin for long run. Makeup is blended with toxic substances that make your skin fall ill. So, don’t run after temporary beauty that leads to permanent damage.

14. Invite wrinkles!

The cosmetics that go into the skin wash off the natural oils and the necessary vitamins and minerals. Consequently, the skin sags and paves way for wrinkles. Here we begin to look older. An aged woman will describe what a hard battle it is to revive the floppy skin. Getting back the suppleness is more of a hard nut to crack. Therefore, do away with daily makeup because you want to look young forever.

13. Pop up pimples!

This is the most usual setback of feeding your skin daily with cosmetics. This might not be worrying for being dangerous but we all dread to see them. Cosmetic products build a home for pimples and acnes. Treating them sometimes leave marks behind and this definitely comes in the way of having a clear skin. Avoid makeup! Avoid pimples!

12. Become wicked to the lips!

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Pink and soft lips are always admired. Dark colored and rough lips are a nightmare. In the desire to add extra charm to the face, we tend to apply and reapply them a lot many times. We go for long-staying lipsticks. In either case, it’s a damage. They suck the natural oil in lips rendering them chapped. Lead is the basic ingredient in lipsticks. Even though it is present in ceiling amount, may lead to brain damage because we apply it repeatedly.  Besides, lipsticks may lead to poor muscle coordination, hiked blood pressure and many troubles.

11. Weaken nails’ well-being!


Trimming nails is outdated and nail art is the staple fashion. Without color our nails seem bare to us. Ironically when we paint them in fancy colors for short time they become pale for lengthy times. Also, the frequent use of products for manicures and pedicures shockingly weaken the nails. The cosmetics make them frail. Again, the acetone in nail paints and removers is harsh to nails’ strength.

 10. Barricade quality and quantity of hair!


Be it girls or boys, we all love experimenting with hair. The damage of hair coloring and straightening is widely known. But you might be unaware that conditioners, gels and serums while give a stylish look at shoots also deteriorate the roots of hair. Then we ponder over thinning/falling of hair, dandruff, itching at scalp etc. Avoid using such cosmetics on daily basis for the sake of hair goals.

9. Trigger eye infections!

Our eyes are much sensitive to the harsh cosmetics. While mascara beautifies the eyelashes, it even causes falling of eyelashes. Eyeliners and kohls are everyday users and spoilers. They instill chemicals which may bring about itching, redness, watery eyes, burning sensation and other austere infections. Eyeshadows also play the same role and if they enter the eye, the infection aggravates!

8. Embed eye bags!


The area around skin reacts sooner to chemicals present in cosmetics. Nobody wants dark circles around their eyes. Studies reveal that other than irregular sleeping schedule, cosmetics are the main factors for causing eye bags. Getting rid of them is a challenging task. Hiding them with makeup leads to the vicious circle. Shun regular makeup, shun eye bags!

7. Initiate skin discoloration!

We use ample of creams, toners and blushers to look gorgeous. But their constant use becomes excessive and leads to discoloration. Don’t fall for the fairness creams or bronze toners. In your thirst of artificial color they may misplace the natural color of your beautiful skin.

6. Exhibit on-skin disorders!

If you are a regular user of foundation and other powders, highlight this point straight away. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, a prime ingredient in cosmetics is testified to decline the protective wall of the skin by minimum 10%.

If you sense inflammation and notice patches, rashes, redness, pigmentation, blemishes or unevenness, that’s a clear sign by your skin to halt the usage of cosmetics. Stop doing instantly because you certainly don’t want a freckled face.

5. Activate Allergies beneath skin!

There are piled up situations encountering allergies due to cosmetics. Preservatives like Parabens are reported to be the root of allergies and infections.  Alarmingly, even some perfumes may react negatively to sunlight and form brown patches on the skin. What is beautification at the cost of your health? Act urgently!

4. Set off headaches!


It has been scientifically proven that chemicals in the beauty products and headaches are finely correlative. Mounting the face and particularly the forehead with thick coats of makeup upsurges the likelihood of migraine attacks, giddiness, nausea and vomiting. It may even result into the feeling of fatigue and weakness. In fact the smell of the cosmetics and perfumes may also infuriate the headache.

3. Stimulate depression!

The surveys conducted support the fact that cosmetics regulate mood swings. It is asserted that those wearing heavy make-ups on regular days fall easily in the trap of depression. Substances like Triclosan, Parabens and other destructive chemicals in beauty products and scents are to be blamed for hormonal imbalances. The upshot of which are downbeat vibes like anxiety, shortfall of focus, diminished optimistic attitude and even depression. Who knew makeup could do such harm?

2. Set in motion breathing disorders! 

This may sound out of ordinary but holds truth. Salicylates and lead-containing cosmetics are stated to be responsible for breathing complications which may be similar to asthma attacks. The foaming agent “Alkylarylsulphonate” too can make your breathing abnormal. Little did we know that heavy makeup affects the lungs in all the wrong manner. Breathing pumps or putting makeup- choice is yours.

1. Originates cancer!


The most lethal consequence of surrendering your beauty in the hands of cosmetics is the deadly disease i.e. cancer! Yes, you read that right! To make your makeup material last longer, water-proof and “better” than before they are blended with toxics. They intensify the prospects of breast cancer, skin cancer and blood cancer as well. The cologne we use daily, the nail color we change daily and all those powders are packed with Phthalates, Benzene and many other synthetic chemicals. All this is a big NO NO in my list. How about you?

The longing to look beautiful isn’t the fault, the fault is going by the wrong and unsafe tricks. Go organic! Adopt home remedies and hold up for your natural beauty! You are beautiful!


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