Top 15 Stupid things that Teenagers do

It is often said,“Teenagers are the most misunderstood creatures on the planet. They are treated like children and are expected to act like adults.”

The most important and inevitable thing that comes with the growth into becoming a young adult is attitude. Teenage years can be rough or kind, however you want to live it. As a teenager, you may be dealing with lots of emotional highs and lows. One minute you might feel great, the next you feel sad and tearful. This kind of shift in your moods is okay! All teenagers take stupid risks that they one day look back on and wonder what the heck they were thinking. What is it about teenage that cause even a normal child to pick up trends which are in complete contrast to his or her personality? We might never get an answer to that but we sure have a list of the bizarre things teenagers like to do or follow. So here  is the list containing top 15 stupid things that teenagers do:

1. Selfie passion

Selfie phones and selfie sticks are no longer just a convenience but considered the new symbol of self-absorption, say experts, adding that the selfie fever can further isolate this generation and those to come. Skywalking or ‘rooftopping’, is a viral trend where people climb on top of high-rise buildings and take selfies or photos to upload to social media. The selfie craze is pulling sensitivity out of  teenagers’ minds which at times can claim their lives also.

2. Tattoo trends

Peer pressure or the struggle to fit in and be accepted is very much the foremost concern of any teenager. Be it an attempt to be acknowledged or just a crazy fashion obsession, tattoos are very much in the mind of teenagers these days. It is something that is seen to be the cool thing to do going by the teen definition. Safe or not, this is definitely a trend and a bizarre one at that.Dear teenagers, the things you like now might not be the things you like later in life. A Norwegian teenager had a receipt from his recent McDonald’s purchase tattooed on his arm, becoming an internet sensation for his bad decision. A week later he had the receipt from the first tattoo tattooed on his other arm.

3. Body piercing

Well, it is hard to see how having body piercings at awkward places could be fun, but it seems to be a hit trend among teenagers. With no regards to the risks associated with piercings such as infections, allergic reactions or scars, teens go ahead with piercing their nose, naval region, lips, eyebrows and tongues, as well as areas such as nipples and genitals. Definitely weird, this is a popular craze among teenagers.

4. Noise as music

We guess this is common to all teenagers. There is some sort of affinity towards loud and unintelligible music among them. In fact it is safe to say that the more the decibels; the more the fun in music by their books. It not only causes noise pollution but it also totally negates the essence of music. But again, that doesn’t stop them from loving, playing or even making such music.

5. Listening to music while crossing streets

Music and teenagers are an inseparable combination. They are so entwined together that we would find teens walking across busy roads with earphones pinned to their ears. This is a trend which is highly hazardous for they are susceptible to accidents. They not only put themselves in danger but also others on the road.

6. Gaming

Nonstop internet gaming and being so engrossed in it that even something as basic as food or sleep would appear irrelevant is a quite common occurrence among teenagers. It is like an addiction, and a bad one at that. Instead of using it as recreational tool, it becomes a sort of obsession and that affects not only their health but also their social well-being. Of course, the harm it causes to them academically is, without a doubt, very high.

7. Addiction to social media

Facebook, Twitter and every possible social media avenue is not only a trend but the elixir of teenage lives. They are active 24X7 which is may not sound bad when it comes to being up-to-date with information. But there have been instances of people luring teens through the net and even abusing and, at worst, killing them. Of course, the lack of sleep and virtual life of the Facebook pages and Twitter handles make teenagers far less aware of the real world. They see what most probably is phony and live a superficial life; indeed a very disturbing trend.

8Changing Eating Habits

Yet another weird thing teenage guys do is stuff their faces with junk food! Your teen has suddenly started consuming a lot of food, and that too mostly fast food! He has started eating at odd hours. These are all common complaints that teen parents have. This weirdness also comes with being a teen.

9.Meaningless challenges

To entertain themselves they give and take mind boggling stupid challenges. For instance take the gallon challenge. It includes drinking a gallon of milk in 60 seconds. The other one is the salt and ice challenge in which the contender has to put some salt and ice above his wrist and lick it. The ice after sometimes gets stuck on the hand which is not easy to remove. These challenges are stupid, meaningless and absurd. Some teenagers don’t realize they are bullying people on the pretext of challenging them.

10. Alcohol as a status symbol

Some of the reasons why adolescents drink are not so different from the ones that drive adults. Using alcohol makes social interactions less stressful, lowering their inhibitions and helping them relax, just as it does for grown-ups. Teenagers also seek to experience such positive effects as lessening of anxiety and tension, boosting of self-confidence, and feeling of courage. Such perception probably originates from the representation of drinking in the media. Teenagers get the idea that alcohol can make them feel more comfortable from films and TV shows and engage in
the activity themselves due to lack of well-recognized alternatives.

11. Talking back 

Parents and children often jab at each other ping-pong style, and the conversation escalates into confrontation if neither stops to understand the other’s viewpoint. Children are put on the defensive; parents feel their authority is being challenged. Nobody wins. Talking back should never become disrespectful. A respectful form of disagreement reveals that your child is willing and comfortable communicating with you.

12. Overreacting  to minor situations

Overreactions happen like this. One person gets inexplicably upset or offended by some apparently “trivial” event that doesn’t seem to justify such a strong response.  “Why are you acting to hurt and angry over something so small? Why make such big deal over such a little thing?” Often, after such an outburst, the exploding person feels as embarrassed, foolish, or as regretful as the person exploded at feels confused, unjustly treated, or even hurt.

13. Stunts to show off

They love pop stars and they love bikes. These troublemakers are not permitted to drive because they are too amateur to do so, but from their point of they are not. So they sneak out the vehicles to prove themselves right. As if non-permitted driving is not enough for them, they like to perform stunts; stunts that are very dangerous and pointless. Take for example stoppie and wheelie. They are simply fatal. A bad fall and all is gone.

14. Insecurities about weight and going on ridiculous diets

Of course, not everyone who is overweight is worried or upset about it. Lots of us know confident, happy people who are overweight and thin, fit people who are insecure. But because people often feel pressure to look a certain way, teens with weight issues are more likely to feel misunderstood or isolated. So this is the main reason why teenagers are usually very insecure about their weights and they don’t take even a minute to get started on a stupid diet which according to them is the fastest and the best way to remain fit.

15. Keeping stupid nicknames

The problem with young people today is that they have ridiculous nicknames. What do they think they are accomplishing with these stupid handles. How idiotic must you be to think that calling yourself Fed X is going to give you more credibility and get you more respect.It’s a god damned national disgrace and it better change soon.

So these were some of the common stupid things that teenagers usually do. But this doesn’t make them crazy. Where parents often see a sweet boy or girl who has morphed into an incomprehensible bundle of hormones, what we really ought to be seeing is an amazing young adult whose brain is under heavy construction.

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