Top 15 Summer Beauty Tips Everyone must follow

All the major four seasons come with their blend of the good and the bad, its welcoming factors and its reclusive factors. While winter is loved for sweet Christmas, its biting cold is nevertheless a put down. Autumn comes as a relief from the scorching sun and Spring? Well who can but not love good old spring season? We all have our favourites among the seasons for reasons as varied as the climate to which season our birthday falls in! For all the summer lovers and haters, We know Summer has its double mask- the happy, sunny face and the evil, torturous one. So how exactly do we embrace this villainous friend??


15. Moisturisers to the rescue

Winter and summer play the evil identical twins when it comes to robbing you off your skin’s moisture. While summer is fun to have, make sure you regularly use your moisturisers so that your skin doesn’t go dry and stays young. Also, since you would be out in the sun a lot, exfoliation at regular intervals will help sure your skin get rid of the dirt and pollutants.

14. Make it a Vaseline summer


Do you develop cracked heels during summer? Let us opt for a smooth solution- Vaseline. It’s a solid remedy to cracked heels and soothes them in just a day or two of usage. For better results apply Vaseline before hitting bed and cover your feet with a pair of socks. This will help the cracks to heal and will keep your feet moisturised as well .

13.  Multifunctioning Deodorants 

Summer is that time where you can flaunt your long legs and wear those pretty dresses and shorts you’ve ached forever to. Remember this little trick when you wear shorts next time: Rub both your thighs with a little deodorant so that they do not rub against each other and thus you can have your hassle-free flaunting.

12. Baby Powder


Sounds cute enough? Ofcourse we are all acquainted with the uses of baby powders but let me introduce one more. Carry a small pack of baby powder in your bag next time you are out sauntering in the beach. Applying baby powder on your feet helps you to better wipe off the sand easily.

11. Sweat stain 

Summer is that part of the year when you tend to sweat a lot and when you do so in your favourite white tee..’uhoh’ right? Well here’s a quick solution. Squeeze the stained area with lemon before laundering it and you will find the stain removed completely.

10. Sunburn solutions

Summer sometimes can be pretty harsh and would often end up giving you sunburns. Before resorting to chemicals let me introduce two summer best friends to you:

a. Apple cider vinegar is an excellent remedy to soother sunburns. Just rub the affected area with a mixture of this vinegar and some coconut oil.

b. Aloevera gel is another sound solution to sunburn. Before you apply, make sure to freeze the gel in ice so that it works effectively.

9. Shave-less summers


Well I have been going gaga over how perfect a season summer is to flaunt it all. But then comes the question of having to shave/wax regularly since we expose our legs and arms more than we do during other seasons. Let me indulge you in an alternative. Whip in a concoction of sugar, lemon and water and apply it over your recently waxed legs or arms. This little recipe helps to reduce hair growth thus reducing the frequency of  the need to shave. Needless to say, sugar is a natural scrubber and lemon a natural bleach, so there! you get the extra bonus effect as well.

8. Frizz alert!


What with the scorching heat and unbearable dryness, your hair is bound to be affected and robbed off its moisture. For those with an already dry type of hair, summer just showers the worst on you and makes it embarrassingly frizzy ( experience sharing). On the bright side, this too comes with a little solution. Frizzy hair, especially during summer can be toned down and managed by applying a mixture of coconut oil and avocado oil. Try this and beat the heat!

7. Vitamin time


There are vitamins you have to take and not take depending on the seasons. Opt out Vitamin D since the sun generously showers you with it. Get your body to have vitamin A,C and E as these help your body to resist the harmful side of the heat and will make your body stronger. Opt for fruits and leafy vegetables as well.

6. Waterproof make-up

Yes, summer is hot and summer makes you sweat. Like a lot. While it’s wonderful that you wish to step out looking all beautiful and confident, keep a tab on the beauty products you use. Make it a point to use waterproof makeups so that 10 minutes into the sun and you do not look like a bad caricature out of a zombie movie. And yes, use coconut oil as a makeup remover-natural and effective.

5. The Tan war

While some of us opt for wilful tanning there are others who are haunted by the same, especially when each part of you exhibits a different shade. While there are several little ways to hide the sun, tan removals should also be considered. I am a fan of yoghurt and tomato pulp. Apply this mixture (or individually) onto the tanned area and wash off in 15 minutes. Do these on a regular basis and you would see a considerable decrease in the affected area.

4. Plan your Outings for the Evening.

With the temperamental sun scowling down at you, how would you like to make that outing or shopping during day time? Shift this to the evening and save yourself the extra sun and tan. Also you could plan your evening better and get all your chores done by the day so you can have a carefree outing, minus the sun ofcourse.

3. Join the Umbrella Club

Let me drive my point home with a confession. I always found an umbrella to be an added and unwanted baggage and sun or no sun I was only more than glad to step out without it. Things came to such a point that my feet, face and arms turned brown while the rest of me looked alien compared to them. So, following the age old adage of ‘prevention is better than cure’ ( exaggerated much? ), I now walk always and always with an umbrella.

2. Sunscreen your Summer

While it’s wonderful to feel the sun on your skin, but let us be honest here-no one likes an angry sun. Go the extra mile and get yourself a good sunscreen each time you step out into the sun. Also, be generous in applying it to completely draw the effect of it.

1. Set your Summer Water Habit


This is probably one of the easiest and most powerful of summer beauty tips. Since you get dehydrated all the more easily during the scorching summers, let me share a simple tip. Have as much as 8 glasses of water a day. Set a timetable and adhere to it so that this doesn’t feel tedious. Have two glasses of water in the morning before you have your breakfast, one glass of water in between breakfast and lunch, two glasses of water 30 minutes prior to your lunch, two glasses again 30 minutes before dinner and one glass before you hit the bed. Also, having a glass of water before a shower is heathy too as it helps to lower your blood pressure. Drinking water during summer comes with a jumbo package of benefits starting from keeping you hydrated to giving you a fresh, young look, cleansing your bowels and a healthy you.


There are umpteen other ways to ace the summer sun and make it not just bearable but easy and fun too. The following little chart is dedicated to all the ladies out there.


Have a happy summer!





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