Top 15 Ways to Pass Time When you are Bored

It is obvious that nobody likes to get bored. Some are so repelled to the mere idea of it, that simply thinking about it makes them turn depressed. On the other hand there are some who manage to shun away or keep that boredom at bay. The latter lot knows how to pass their time, be it travelling in a metro, waiting in a bus stand or while waiting in a bank. Search for such people around you and learn their technique of keeping themselves busy. Being around such people would do you wonders. It might sound lame now, but you will exactly understand what is meant by it. Firstly you would stop being desperate to avoid loneliness at all times, and secondly you would get rid of those unnecessary thoughts circling your mind. Read the following article. Help yourself with the ways mentioned below, everytime you get bored.


  1. Call or text a friend

Oh yes! That helps. All of us have done that at some point of our lives. Calling up or texting to those special friends is an instant and pretty effective way to overcome boredom. This might sound bad on our part, but did anyone of us ever really think of the fact whether the ones we call up out of boredom would be really free or not. In defense it can be said that it is not simply every friend that we call up, but some significant few. It is those significant few that we share no formalities and rules with. Case closed.

  1. Read a book

Book is man’s best friend. Let that not be limited to a mere saying. Carry a book with you wherever you go. After all how difficult could it be to carry a book everywhere with you. Stick to a book the way you stick to your phones. For those who are not big fans of books, here is news for you. There are by God’s grace all sorts of genres of books available out there. You may resort to an autobiography, a general knowledge booklet or a novel. Catch hold of your favourite type of book, and see for yourself. You would never have to be bored again.

  1. Make doodles

You are not being asked to be an artist here. The main idea is just to keep yourselves busy doing what you enjoy. Carry a little diary with yourself whenever you travel to any place. Make funny pictures of everything and everyone in your vicinity. If you have a good hand at art, then why not make good use of it? Doodling is a great way to keep yourself busy while you are outside. This is what can be described as funny creativity.

  1. Jotting down your daily activities

This may sound very boring in itself, to many. But once adopted, it would be seen how interesting and absorbing this would be. You may call it diary writing, at any time of the day.

  1. Paint

This is different from doodling. We are not talking about the casual funny sketching here but the serious philosophical stuff. Some good painters might get offended for what is about to be suggested. If you get bored you may resort to the amazing gift that you have. Painting is not being equated with boredom anyhow, if that is what you were thinking. Ofcourse it should not be pursued only in times of boredom. But yes, you should paint as and when you feel bored too. It would bring you no harm and rather hone your aesthetic skills.

  1. Cook

Grab hold of a cookbook and shoo away boredom completely out of your way. If taken seriously and of course with caution, then this can be one of the greatest ways to overcome monotony and dullness. Whenever you feel bored and fed up of the tediousness of your routine, give yourself a little treat. The treat ofcourse does not mean ordering from outside. You must cook for yourself some appetizing delicacy! Before you know this might even develop into a hobby.

  1. Water your garden

Taking care of a garden is just no small chore to do. Even the thought of it can help you get rid of the tiredness of the usual routine. But, of course it is not being advised that you refrain from the real activity. Simply go and water all the plants and flowers or uproot the growing weeds in your garden when you find yourself wondering what to do next.

  1. Nap

This is what normal people do and this is what you should do too. When in a fix on deciding what to do in order to pass time, this is the simplest way out. Take a nap. If God is graceful enough to you, he would bestow you with some idea for the same when you wake up.

  1. Dust the house

There is absolutely nothing gender specific about it. If you are roaming in your house like a wraith, absolutely clueless as in what to do, then this is your option. Get a duster and start dusting off every furniture and showpiece that you come across. As and when your people come back, they would be super pleased by your productivity. Win-win situation it is.

  1. Catch your favourite movie

Thanks to the development in technology, you can carry your favourite Hollywood and Bollywood flicks in your phones too. So be it within house or outside, you will always have one surety and that is of not being bored. Nobody gets tired of watching their favourite movie.

  1. Clean your refrigerator

Nobody would blame you for cleaning your refrigerator absolutely, especially if it is in terms of leaving no sign of eatables behind in your refrigerator. It was simply your bored state of mind which made you do so. That is one excellent excuse you can give.

  1. Play videogames

Videogames were fun back then and always will be. There is absolutely no reason to reject this notion. Even if there is, we should reject the reason altogether then. You enjoyed video games for the thrill it gave you. Play it now too for it is the thrill factor that would subside your boredom.

  1. Teach

Finding a lot of free time at hand can turn to be pretty frustrating. If not utilized properly, your mind would become a home of all devilish thoughts, or so they say. Put it to a better use. Start teaching kids of those ages that you are comfortable with. It would be a sure way to curb your daily boredom.

  1. Rearrange the furniture

Sitting and staring at that depressing wall would do nothing but make you more depressed. Avoid that and engage in something more meaningful.  Look around and do some shifting of all the furniture pieces there.

  1. Music

Every traveller loves music. Maybe that was just too stereotyped. But, none the less it does hold a lot of truth as far as majority of the people is concerned. As for the rest of you, if you travel daily with a zombie like expression (as if uncertainty has dawned upon you in full force), try a little change. Plug in your earphones and give yourself the pleasure of tapping your feet on that music. We can be a little flexible in the rule here; you may tune in to any sort of music off your taste. The best rescuer here is radio for sure. But the larger and higher rule remains; be done with that morose look on your face. As for the method, you surely know that by now.

Boredom gets boring only if you allow it to be. Think about that.

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