Top 19 Funny Prank Call Ideas

What is that one thing which is fun even when it is happening to you? Pranks!! Okay, so maybe after an initial outflow of embarrassment. Prank calls can be very entertaining when executed the right way. They can leave the caller in tears of joy and the receiver in a variety of moods ranging from ballistic to perky. In the spirit of “Solemnly being up to no good”, here are 19 prank call ideas that are bound to leave the caller rolling on the floor laughing and the receiver pissed as hell. All in the name of good fun.

  1. The Pizza Hut Misunderstanding

Tried and tested is the best kind of prank calling. Call Pizza hut and ask for the contact details of a nearby Dominos outlet because why not! We love a very particular kind of pizza, it comes with a side of slapstick.

Note: – To avoid an immediate hang-up, start with the description of your favorite pizza at Dominos and make it as vivid as possible.


  1. Who am I?

Call a random number and try to start a casual conversation and if they carry on, ask them if they know you. Let them guess for a while and then answer,

“How will you know who I am when I myself am trying to figure it out “


  1. The Siri Paradox

Yes, we said Siri because half the world seems to be having I-phones now, including second graders. Dial a random number and give your best robotic voice a chance,


“Hello user, this is Siri, I’m trapped in this phone and my user harasses me all day long, a quick rescue?”


  1. Subway or Subway

The confusion seems to be everlasting, how do you manage to keep tracks?

The prank is rather simple, call any Subway outlet in the city and complain about being trapped in a train, yes, a “TRAIN”. Sound as scared as you can and when the explanations begin:-

“Hello, is this the subway?”


“I am trapped in this train I took in the morning and I think we hit something, please, you have to do something”

“You seem to have the wrong number”

“But this is the Subway isn’t this, how can you not help.”

Be warned folks, keeping this up might be a challenge.


  1. Murder House

Call a random number and tell them you are the previous owner to the house, just when they start to believe you, let them know you called to warn them.

“Warn? I am sorry I don’t understand what this is in concern to?”

“Listen to me carefully, I don’t have much time. In few hours, FBI will show upto your house and request your permission to search the house. Under no circumstances, let them check behind the cupboard in the bedroom. Remember”

“I am sorry, what?”

“Look I hid my ex –girlfriend/ boyfriend’s body in there, if they break it down, you go down for hiding the evidence, I have got to go, I plan to disappear before they catch up to me. I just wanted to give you a heads up. “[HANG UP]


  1. Blondes or Brunettes

This one is our personal favorite because of the risk of it backfiring on the caller. Call a random number and pretend to confirm an order they placed on your website:-

“Hello, we are calling from to let you know that you are our 100th customer and therefore you get a surprise gift on your recent order”

“I am sorry, what is happening? “

“Your order consists of an hour with an exotic dancer by the name of Jasmine but you also get another dancer for the same hour from our side. All you have to do is select- Blonde or Brunette?”

Fair warning- the caller might just select one and confirm the order


  1. Me, who else?

The best role to play during a prank call is that of a psychotic lover on the loose. Call a random number and start channeling your inner crazy.

“Hey baby, I love you, I have missed you so much”

“Hello, who is this?”

“Who is this, what do you mean who am I, how many people call to tell you that they love you?”


Keep stalling and the best thing you can do is start crying because you are just so damn sad about their betrayal.


  1. Dedicate your sanity away

Pretend to be calling from a radio station with an opportunity for them to dedicate a song to their better half or girlfriend/ boyfriend. Well, who wouldn’t go for that, wait for them to tell the name and bam!

“I regret to tell you that I am just your girlfriend’s/ boyfriend’s friend and he/she cannot believe you took someone else’s name. It is over for you guys now”



  1. Pot on its way

If you are prank calling, how can you not involve a simple drug scare?

Call a random number pretending to be from a courier company who wants to confirm their address. What for you ask? To deliver their 5 kgs of weed/ cocaine, of course.


  1. Junk on the show

Call someone and tell them this and exactly this,

“Hey hi, so this might sound weird but the other day I saw you peeing on the road and I liked what I saw. The reason I searched for your number is because I run an escort service and I was wondering if you wanted to be a part of it. With what you have naturally, I am sure you can make it big”


  1. Survey Alert

Another classic right here guys. Call pretending to be taking a survey and start asking, anything and everything you can think about. Few examples.

  • Have you ever run over an animal?
  • Have you ever stolen candy from someone younger?
  • Have you ever binge-watched Baywatch?


  1. Though shalt not commit adultery!

Call pretending to be from customer support and inquire about their internet connection, on receiving confirmation go kaboom.

“Dear Sir/ Ma’am, we just wanted to confirm if you were the user because unfortunately you have landed yourself in legal trouble. Our records show that you accessed a site named and that was very racist of you. “


  1. Ownership Issues

Call a random number and pretend that you have called yourself. Act as if you lost your phone an hour earlier and this call is to find its where about. Don’t be afraid to go full on crazy in trying to get it back.


  1. Why the cash, oops, call?

Call a random number and start by telling them how exactly you got their number. That is you found it written on a piece of paper in a classy leather wallet, what else was inside the wallet? About 10 grand in cash and of course no ID. Let the person suggest you what to do with the wallet and the cash.


  1. The one call

What can be more evil than calling a random number and letting them know that you are in jail?

“Hey, so I don’t know who you are but I really need your help. I am in jail and this is my call but I am so high I cannot remember my parent’s number so I just dialed a random number. Please, would you be kind enough to search for my parents and let them know I need their help. They are going to kill me here, please?”  [HANG UP, but not before letting them worriedly ask you some things]


  1. What’s for Lunch?

This might sound lame but is actually super fun to do. Call a restaurant that home delivers and enquire about their menu. Be thorough and interactive, ask questions about their hygiene, employees, delivery services etc. and only after you are done, and thank them for the information before hanging up.


  1. Who called anyway?

This should be listed as a classic now. Calling a person and pretending as if you have picked up the call. The confusion alone makes me laugh out loud, keep asking about who the other person is and keep taking random name guesses. If they still haven’t hung up on you, spat them for trying to prank call you.


  1. Lost and Found

Statutory warning: – This one is for 18 plus audience.

Call a hotel and enquire if they have a lost and found. If they answer is yes, stop right there, you have found your target. Give them a fake story about having stayed there about a week ago with your close friend and that you just found out that your friend lost something during their stay there. Act all worried and stall a bit and when they insist on you to tell what the lost item is, tell them “My friend’s virginity”. Don’t forget to request them to courier it back to you if it is possible.


  1. The unbiased judge

Ok so this might be taking it too far. Call a random number and tell them you need their help, make up a story about a fight with a friend or boyfriend/ girlfriend or even parents. Request them for their time so you can get an unbiased opinion on the same. Here is where your story telling skills will pay off. Let the drama begin! Pro tip- Include a bit of shouting and crying.


Let the pranking begin and tell us about your experiences in comments down below.

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