Top 20 Best Gift Ideas for Parents Who have Everything

Since time immemorial, human beings have changed a lot! Technology, lifestyle, eating habit, etc. have marked a deep impact on humans, but the only thing which has been consistent throughout is “family”. Maybe it is the main reason as to why we have been able to survive for so long, while others have perished. The comfort and security provided by a family is irreplaceable and indispensable. Now, in a family, the most important members are obviously parents, who look after their offspring with love and utmost care. To show your gratitude for their love and patience, you usually give them gifts, but you do not put your mind and soul while selecting them. The main question which usually arises in your mind is that, what you should gift them when they have everything? Don’t worry, your dilemma will soon vanish after you read this list of 20 best gift ideas for parents who have everything!

20. Medicine Organizer

The aging loved-ones cherish independence and they do not like to be dependent on anybody for things. So, the best thing you can do for them is to buy a medicine organizer in which they can easily organize their daily pills and be more self reliant.

19. Home Cooked Meal

If your parents live alone, then the best gift for them would be a nice home cooked meal made by you. It will not only portray your love for them but will also give the message that you are always there for them and they can totally rely on you.

18. Memoirs

When people age they do not need many things as we all do, but what they treasure most is the memory of their past. Presenting a memoir starting from family photos to letters, it will bring tears of joy to them. Nothing is more valuable than joyful memories and it will constantly remind them of their happy life.

17. Massage pillow

Elderly parents usually suffer from body aches and varieties of age related issues. Lend them a helping hand by providing them a massage pillow which might help them while they are sleeping or sitting. Massage pillows usually come with heat generating mechanism, which will help them soothe their fatigued muscles.

16. TV Listening Device

Due to weakened ear muscles and old age, your parents might find it very challenging to properly hear noises around them. Moreover, the volume of TV sets might be acceptable to them differently, so gift them a TV listening device. By using this device they would have full control as to how much sound they require without asking your help.

15. Brain Teasers

Gifting your parents some brain teasers and brain training games will be very helpful in the long run. As people age their brain functions begin to deteriorate and it usually culminate in diseases like dementia. Ask your parents to regularly play these games to improve their cognitive functions. Moreover, sit down and play with them and give them company.

14. Contact book

Things which your parents will appreciate is a well maintained contact book with all the details of close relatives with important dates. Electronic gadgets are not very user friendly for some elderly and a neatly maintained contact book will solve all their communications problem.

13. Coupons and Gift Cards

Special offers in their favorite restaurant or their regular grocery store might not seem very helpful to you, but for an elderly couple on a pension, it might help them a lot. Moreover, who doesn’t like things which come for less than their original price?

12. Pay the House-helps

If your parents live alone or in an assisted facility, then do not forget to pay their house-helps who look after them in your absence. A simple monetary help will keep the house-helps motivated and it will ensure perfect care for your elderly loved-ones.

11. Take Care of their Medical Bills

Even if your parents have everything, paying off their medical bills once in a while will make them very happy. Step in and ensure that their medical issues are efficiently dealt with. Your concern and love for them will be the best thing for them. Check in regularly about their health and drive them to medical appointments if needed.

10. Hobby Basket

Your parents might indulge in hobbies in their free time like gardening, stamp collection, etc. Gift them a hobby basket in which they can keep and organize all their recreational stuffs. Moreover, gifting them tools for their hobby might also cheer them up and save them from exertion.

9. Sign Them Up in Clubs

Signing them up in clubs like golf, fruit club, cigar club, etc. will keep them active. Daily activity will keep them fit and jolly. Moreover, physical and mental activity will keep their brain engaged and will keep them away from senility and dementia.

8. Tickets For Favorite Show

Nothing could be more wonderful than gifting your parents tickets to their favorite show. Many elderly like to indulge in musical concerts and theater shows. Surprise them by presenting tickets for their recreation and show that you care for their well being.

7. Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Due to surge in technology in recent years, many useful gadgets are available in the market. One of them is a robotic vacuum cleaner, which is fully automatic and doesn’t require supervision. Moreover, your parents won’t have to work too hard in keeping the house neat as the robotic vacuum does all the work.

6. Drawing by Your Kids

If you have kids then nothing brings more happiness to the elderly than receiving a gift from their grand-kids. A framed picture of a drawing made by your child will bring endless joy to them. It will bring back memories of your own childhood which will give you more insight on how to treat your parents even better.

5. Gift Them An Outdoor Swing Chair


Going out regularly might not be possible for your parents. So, gift them an outdoor swing chair, which will save them from their boredom! Moreover, they can invite their friends for a cup of coffee while relaxing in the swing. Fresh air will definitely soothe them and keep them healthy. If your parents have everything, then small thoughtful gifts like this will bring a smile to their faces.

4. Pay For their Magazines

Surprise your parents by paying off their subscription to their favorite magazines or newspaper. Daily reading will keep them informed about the outside world as well as keep their brain busy. These small things will really benefit your parents even if they have everything.

3. Take them Vacationing

Nowadays, many people are cooped up in their houses and they rarely go out for fun. Surprise your parents by taking them on a vacation to a nice place, away from their mundane regular life. Fresh air and new place will rejuvenate them both physically and mentally.

2. Spend Time With Them

Old age is lonely and people seek company all the time. Spend time with your parents, talk to them about your life and work. Keep them engaged in conversation and give time to them. They do not require your gifts, they just want your company. Take out time for them and look after them whenever you can.

1. Write a Letter

Write a letter to them expressing your deep gratitude for raising you. Tell them how much you love them and how lucky you are that they are your parents. Thank them for all the things they have done for you and also promise to be there for them. A simple letter can do wonders and will surely make them very happy.

Choosing a gift for your parents who have everything is very challenging, but it isn’t impossible!┬áTry to find out what they like and gift them accordingly. In reality a parent seeks your love and affection. How you express them is entirely up to you.



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