Top 20 Fun Sleepover Games Ideas

Friends are those people who have seen you get through your darkest days and have stood by you in your worst times. The bond of friendship is special and it gets even stronger when you spend more time with your friends. One of the best ways to do this is to have a sleepover party with some music, food and games! Below is a list of twenty super fun games that you can play with your friends at a sleepover party to add more excitement and cheer to your night!


  1. Are you Afraid of the dark?

Playing hide and seek is downright fun but playing it in the dark will result in giving this classic game a scary twist. The person who is supposed to find all the people must narrate a ghost story while finding his/ her friends in a dark room. Do try out this magnificent combination of a horror story and hide and seek to have some scary fun with your group!

  1. Spot the Killer

This game requires minimum four players. Take a sheet of paper and make four different paper slips. Write Detective, Killer, Victim 1 and Victim 2 on the respective slips. If the numbers of players are more than four, then subsequently increase the number of victims.

The game begins when all the paper slips are spread out and each player chooses one slip. The person who gets the slip of killer has to kill the victims by blinking his/her eye twice while looking at another player. Once the victim makes eye contact with the killer, the victim will claim to be dead and will be out of the game. The game ends when the person with the slip of detective finds out who the killer is.

  1. Treasure Time in the Dark

Everyone is well aware of the classic treasure hunt game. One player must hide various clues in a certain room and each clue must lead to the next one until the treasure is finally discovered. However, give this game a chance in the dark with only your flashlight to your rescue! The game is much more fun when played this way.

  1. Buzz

Since we belong to the digital age, use of mobile phones for a game is a great idea. Set the alarm on a mobile phone which should be scheduled to ring after half hour. Everyone except one player must exit the room and the player who stays behind must hide the mobile phone somewhere in the room. Once this is done, the rest of the players are supposed to find the cell phone before the alarm rings. If they fail to find it, the player who hid the phone will win.

  1. Karaoke Time

There are plenty of karaoke videos available on YouTube. Most of them have lyrics displayed on screen too! Sing individually or with all of your friends and become a pop star for a night! You can also record the songs that you sing via your mobile phones and can have fun listening to these songs later!

  1. Celebrity, Brand and Movie

Each player must have a plain sheet of paper and create three columns named as Celebrity, Brand and Movie. One player has to be the mediator. The mediator will have to give any alphabet from A to Z and the others are supposed to write the name of a celebrity, brand and a movie beginning from that particular alphabet in the time limit of 60 seconds. Once 60 seconds are over, the player who fails to fill all three columns is out of the game. For the players who are able to fill one, two or all three, 10 points will be awarded for each column.

  1. Guess Who

Sleepovers are always fun with a little drama. In this game, one player must act like a celebrity and others will have to guess what celebrity it is. To make things more interesting, the volunteer may even dress up like the fellow celebrity to give the game a dramatic touch. The player whose celebrity imitation is the easiest to guess will be the winner!

  1. Guess the Object

This game should be played in extreme darkness, with zero level of visibility. One player must be sent out of the room and the others must arrange 5 different objects on a table. The game begins when the other player enters the room, in total darkness and locates the table where the objects are kept. Once this is done, he/ she must guess the objects by touching each object once. The player is not allowed to pick up the object or touch it more than once. The game ends when the player has guessed all five objects.

  1. Fashion Show

Convert the sleepover party into a super fun fashion show! There will be two judges who will be giving various themes according to which the other participants must dress up. In each round, one player must be eliminated. Themes can be school, rainbow, stripes etc.

  1. Name the Song

This game can be played in teams of two. Each team has to play specific portion of any sound track and the other team must guess what song is being played. 5 points are awarded for each correct guess and 2 points are deducted for each wrong answer.

  1. Design Your Own Comic Strip

You can put your night into doing something constructive as well. Designing your very own comic book can be loads of fun and will serve as a happy memory for each one of you! Let each person think of a character and blend all the characters together into a single storyline. Someone good at writing can write dialogues of the comic strip, the ones good at drawing can draw characters and ones good at creativity can think of various events that will take place in the comic strip.

  1. Disco Theme

Who needs to go out clubbing when you can have your very own club! Dim all the lights and turn music up loud (Make sure your parents have no objection to this). For the club effect, you can use disco lights available in the market and hang them at a higher place in your room so that they dazzle on the floor while you dance with your friends.

  1. Wrap Up

This is your chance to convert one of your friends into the mummy! Divide the players in teams of two and one person must be the moderator. A time limit must be set by the moderator and within the set time limit; one player of each time has to be fully covered with toilet paper. The team that manages to finish wrapping their members first will win!

  1. Friendship Quiz

Think you know your friends well? Take a test by answering some personal and weird questions about them! In this game, various questions about the people in the group must be written in different slips of paper which should be kept in a bowl. Players must sit forming a circle and the bowl of slips must be passed clockwise. Each player must pick up a slip and answer the question written in the slip. If the answer is correct, the player wins a point! At the end of the game, the player with maximum points will win the game.

  1. Dare to Dare

Form a circle and spin an empty bottle. Whoever the top of the bottle points to will be liable for a punishment. The punishment will be given by the player towards whom the bottom of the bottle will point. This is a variation of the classic truth and dare game; only difference being this game doesn’t offer you the choice of truth! You must dare to complete the task given to you!

  1. Mission Impossible

Most of us have tried making a house from a deck of playing cards. In this game, both teams will be preparing the house of cards while trying to destroy the house of the other team. Amidst this chaos, the team that manages to complete their house first will win!

  1. Makeover Madness

This game is typically for an all girl sleepover party. We all have fun in giving each other makeovers; however the twist in this game is that these makeovers must be done in darkness! There will be one judge and each team will have two players. One player must put makeup on the other player in a dark room. Once everyone is done, the lights must be turned on and the person who has the funniest makeover will win! The winning team will be decided by the judge.

  1. Pass the Balloon

Take a large size balloon and write questions on it with a permanent marker. Sit in a circle with one person being the mediator. The mediator is supposed to play any music track and must randomly stop it. While the music is being played, the balloon must be circulated within the circle. The moment the music stops, whichever player possesses the balloon must answer one question from it. With this, the player is out of the game and the game continues within the remaining players. One question cannot be answered more than once and the player who survives till the very last will win the game.

  1. The Movie Challenge

Try your hand at movie making with your friends! You can write a movie script and enact it! One person can record all the action in a camera and you all can have fun watching at the little movie you made later!

  1. Dance Face Off

Two people can be the judges and participants must be called forth in teams of two. The judges will play a random song and the participants will have to dance on that song. Each participant must be awarded points in accordance to his/ her dancing. The participant with maximum points towards the end will win!

We hope the above ideas contribute towards making your night fun and full of exhilaration. Friends are an irreplaceable part of our lives and the time spent with them lifts your soul and allows you to enjoy life in its purest form! Live those moments and rejoice!


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