Top 20 Reasons Why Friends Are an Important Part of Our Lives

The internet is full of posts and pictures and forwarded messages preaching the importance of friendships. Come to think of it, despite all these messages and forwards sounding a little corny, they might  actually have some truth to them after all.

As of today, we live in a world growing at the fastest rate known to mankind. In this era where speed is the norm, it is hard to keep up with the world. Sometimes, you need something to hold on to, in order for you to not slip and fall. And that is where you need a friend. Everyone has a family, yes. Well, at least most of us do. But friendships are very different from family bonds. There are quite a few salient features of friendships that make them what they are and so very indispensable to human existence.

  1. Honest talk


The only people in the entire world you can expect to be brutally honest with you are this bunch of idiots. They will never sugar-coat it for you. If you are looking fat in that dress, they will tell you instantly. If they are not particularly sure of a decision you are making, they will point out the flaws in your plan of action without hesitation. In other words, they are the harsh counterpart of your mirror that will never let you go wrong in your life.

  1. Parents trust them


Your parents always, always, always trust your friends more than you. They constantly nitpick on you to be better and work harder just like some friend of yours does. “Look at Sam, he got an A. What are you doing with your life?” Mostly, this is a bad thing because you are always pitted against your smart friend who always does better than you in everything. But there is an upside to this. The next time your friend is allowed to go on that school trip and you aren’t, you can always play that trust-card on your folks. “How come Sam is allowed and I’m not. Don’t you trust Sam to make the right choices?  After all, he’s so smart!”

  1. Confidence Boosters

While your friends are brutally honest about everything you do, they would never do it at the cost of you falling apart. They will support your every endeavour and encourage you to be bold and confident. They might have their reservations about certain things but that’s only because they worry about you. They will point out your flaws but they will encourage you to take the leap of faith.

  1. Reservoir of Shhh..


This is perhaps the most important function of a friend. If your friend can’t keep a secret, he is out. He knows all your secrets; he knows all about your most embarrassing experiences; crushes; intimacies; your first kiss; whom you hate and the list goes on.

  1. Comfort Zone

Since they know all your secrets, you have nothing to hide. Literally! You are so comfortable with them that you perhaps don’t even think twice before changing in front of them or blurting out the stupidest things ever. After all, all the skeletons in your closet are out, so what’s there to hide?

  1. Inside jokes


If you are friends with someone for long, you are bound to share certain inside jokes. These are amusing incidents that only you and your friend know of and find absolutely hilarious. You guys might crack up at the word “spring” and no one will understand why. No one was there! Just the two of you share that memory.

  1. Partners in crime


Your friends would probably help you rob a bank no questions asked. Or at least something less severe. Want to prank call your ex? They are in! Want to plan a mass murder? Sure, why not! No matter what the rules, they will break them with you. They’ll not bail you out of jail because they will be in there with you. They are the ultimate partners you will ever get, in crimes or otherwise.

  1. They listen

If you just want to talk your heart out, they are there. They will listen to you no matter how serious or bizarre you are. For hours you can rant about your problems or excitedly fill them in on a new development in your life. Without judgement, without negativity, they will listen and be there for you, sometimes even without understanding.

  1. Always there for you


2 AM. You ring them up. They are still awake. They will help you unravel your latest mistake. From whom else can you expect such support and patience!

  1. Goodbye, loneliness

If you have friends, you are not lonely. If you have friends you can ring up at any time of the day to just hang out with you, you cannot be lonely, technically. Friends help fill in the void. Don’t push them away if you are upset. Pull them closer hug them tight and feel your sense of isolation slowly melt away automatically.

  1. So much fun!


Remember that time you broke your neighbour’s window while playing cricket and ran away without owning up? Or that time you went for that movie without your parents’ permission? You did it all with your closest friends. There are some things you just can’t do with anyone and everyone. When you are with friends, you have unlimited fun. There’s no denying that!

  1. They fight for you


Your friends are the most protective of you after your parents and siblings. They can say you are ugly or call you names but God forbid, if anyone else does that, they would skin them alive. No one can hurt you while they are there to guard you with all their life. Every emotional and physical stress is kept under strict surveillance and all bugs are debugged instantly!

  1. Empathy


They will never let you cry alone. Let alone crying on their shoulders, they would probably cry on yours at the same time. They treat your problems as their own and feel as much pain when you are unhappy and much more excitement than you when you are happy.

  1. Acceptance

Your friends might not like that you are too timid or that you don’t like popcorn or even the colour of your hair. But they accept you in your entirety. And nobody forced them to do so. They accept you despite all your flaws and limitations and love you more for that.

  1. Think big


What your parents might term as silly and farfetched are very ordinary things for your friends. They would never think your ideas are weird or your dreams too big. They would push you till the very end till you overcome all adversities and achieve your goals.

  1. They challenge you to be better

All of us have a few friends who are better than us at most things. While you can sit and sulk about it, it is probably the stupid thing to do. Having a talented friend is the best thing that can happen to you. They challenge you at every step and inspire you to work harder and be better. So why not use it to your advantage?

  1. They mould your character

Other than your family, your friends are whom you spend all your lives with. At least 80% of it. Naturally, they play a monumental role in moulding your character and personality. Finding a talented and sincere set of friends will always inspire you and make you better at everything you do.

  1. Like-mindedness


More often than not we become friends with people due to similar beliefs, ideologies and mentalities. When nobody else understands you, your friends most probably would. After all they share the same thoughts and they can relate to you. It is easier to be around people who share the same ideas and aspirations.

  1. They love you regardless


Your parents love you because they have to. Your family loves you because you are related by blood. So, again they have to. But why do your friends love you? They love you for you. They have no reason to care about you or be fond of you. But they are anyway. And since there is no reason why they should love you, their love is unconditional. No matter how weird or annoying you are, they love you regardless of everything.

  1. They are family


Your friends are the only creatures on Earth who love you as much as your family or more. No, you are not related by blood. But you are bros or soul sisters anyway. They are the family you never had. They would sacrifice anything for you and love you unconditionally.

Adventure, fun, love, support and a much wider spectrum of emotions are always right around the corner when you are surrounded by friends. Hold them close – where else will you find such crazy fools who actually give a crap about you for no good reason?

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