Top 20 Tallest Buildings in the World

The thought of standing at the top of sky-high building and to look at the whole world fills us with thrill and chills. They besides being a tourist attraction are the pride of their nation. Talking about the highest buildings, within the tick of second what comes to our mind is the tallest “Burj Khalifa’. It a well-known fact that Burj Khalifa has the crown of being the greatest-grandest-tallest buildings ever. But which one is the runner-up? You might have an idea but are you conscious of the new skyscrapers mushrooming around?

Refurbish your list now with our Top 20 Tallest Buildings in the World!

20. 23 Marina


Locale: Dubai, UAE

Height: 1,296 feet

Completion Year: 2012

This extravagant residence comes with 300 apartments, 57 out of which have the attraction of private swimming pools. Triangular canopies embrace the spire that cover ups the rooftop terrace. Interiors are a pure treat to look at. This 88-storeyed building is everything posh and opulent living. 23 Marina has in store two, three and four-bedroom “duplex” apartments with private elevators. Grand no?

 19. Two International Finance Centre

2 int fin centr

Locale: Hong Kong, China

Height: 1,352 feet

Completion Year: 2003

With 88 as its floor count this tower stands distinctive of other tallest buildings for its fantastic pattern and noticeable immediacy to water. It is beautifully dressed in reflective glass and window mullions. It is impossible to take away eyes when water reflects back the shimmering of silver pearl colored mullions. Architects indeed did a stunner, applaud worthy articulation.

18. Al Hamra Tower

al hamara

Locale: Kuwait City, Kuwait

Height: 1,354 feet

Completion Year: 2011

Standing tall with 80 floors Al Hamra holds the dignity of Kuwait. The design is illustrated to be slashed from a prism, an abyss cut out at center, where all the floor plates rotate counter-clockwise. And the ultimate view? Jaw-dropping spiral geometry unraveling till the top. The gorgeous restaurant extended with marvelous observation deck lets you see beyond the city.

17. Princess Tower


Locale: Dubai, UAE

Height: 1,358 feet

Completion Year: 2012

The tower acclaimed for its remarkable crown is a 101 storey building with whopping 763 units and 957 underground parking slots. It out-stands other luxuriant residential towers for its highly protection arrangements. Besides high-tech fire alarms there are wind-speed alarms fitted in each apartment on upper floors as an alert before opening balcony doors. This tower is perfect combo of safety, style and swank.

16. Jin Mao Tower


Locale: Shanghai, China

Height: 1,380 feet

Completion Year: 1999

Having 88 floors The Jin Mao Tower harbours offices, convention space and a hotel. In 2013 it bagged the Gold certification for the tallest and the longest-operated building in China to receive a LEED-EB: OM. With the blend of computerized energy management system and EAM, Jin Mao delivers impressive performance.

15. Trump International Hotel & Tower


Locale: Chicago, United States

Height: 1,389 feet

Completion Year: 2009

With 339-room hotel, 486 splendor condominium units, 9,300 square meters of riverfront promenade, 960 parking area, restaurant, banquet hall, health club, spa, lounges it is layered in 98 floors.  The hotel has a position in top 3 of Chicago’s 5 star rated by Forbes Travel Guide. Same goes for its restaurant namely “Sixteen” whereas its spa secures 6th position.

14. 432 Park Avenue


Locale: New York City, United States

Height: 1,397 feet

Completion Year: 2015

This is a new entrance in the list with 88 floors. Other than emerging as the tallest buildings it is being noted worldwide due to its pencil-thin design. The architects have given this narrowness deliberately to combat dense space issues. Super-slim, super-tall, super-smart design is what describes this the best.

13. Marina 101


Locale: Dubai, UAE

Height: 1,399 feet

Completion Year: 2015

Newest and unexpectedly huge! Encased in 101 storey it has 506 apartments, 667 parking space.

This about to operate skyscraper is said to have a 5-star Hard Rock hotel comprising 281 rooms. This new addition is set to astound you with its incredible penthouses. Lounge, restaurant and a Rock Shop will be the highlight of 101st floor.

12. Guangzhou International Finance Center


Locale: Guangzhou, China

Height: 1,440 feet

Completion Year: 2010

This is entitled to be the strength of the city. The 103 floors are jointly used as a conference centre, hotel and office building. The atrium is beautifully adorned with crustal geometry. This GIFC was the victor of the RIBA 2012 Lubetkin Prize.

11. KK100


Locale: Shenzhen, China

Height: 1,449 feet

Completion Year: 2011

KK100 is the short form for KingKey with 100 floors. It is the gem and hope of the Shenzhen. It aspires for “green” development. The design is a pure marvel to look at with its transparent, glassed embellishments. The hotel has everything as needed and the garden at top is worth mentioning.

10. Willis Tower


Locale: Chicago, United States

Height: 1,451 feet

Completion Year: 1974

Previously known as Sears Tower is the first of its own kind, 108-storey. The design is beautifully crafted with black aluminum and bronze-tinted glare-reducing glass. It holds the record of being tallest ever for almost 25 years. Inspite of being so old it still has a place in the list is much wondrous.

9. Zifeng Tower


Locale: Nanjing, China

Height: 1,476 feet

Completion Year: 2010

Zifeng Tower is the topmost name in the list of tallest buildings of Nanjing and the 4th one in China.  It has 450 hotel rooms along with 1200 parking space. The remarkable Nanjing Greenland InterContinental Hotel is located within the tower.

8. Petronas Towers 1 and 2


Locale: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Height: 1,483 feet, each

Completion Year: 1998

The Petronas Towers each having 88 levels exhibit honor towards Islamic religion through their design. The eye-catching feature is the skybridge which links up both the towers on the 41st and 42nd level. Petronas if have fallen in the list of world’s tallest buildings still stands at the top position in World’s Tallest Twin Tower.

7. International Commerce Centre


Locale: Hong Kong, China

Height: 1,588 feet

Completion Year: 2010

Imagine the floor count of this building? Not 100 but an enormous 108+4. Its usage for both hotel and office purpose takes the occupancy rate to 98%. It has an eminent place in the leading financial institutions of the world. From commercial to residential, from environmental to cultural viewpoint, it is a shining example. The energy saving techniques in the building are beyond imagination.

6. Shanghai World Financial Center


Locale: Shanghai, China

Height: 1,614 feet

Completion Year: 2008

With its featuring “hole” design at the top it has 108 floors. This is a multi-purpose building for offices, conference rooms, observation decks, hotels and malls. The limelight of the building is the 5 star Park Hyatt Shanghai hotel comprising 174 rooms from the 79th to the 93rd floor. In 2008 it was announced by the architects as the year’s best designed skyscraper.

5. Taipei 101


Locale: Taipei, Taiwan

Height: 1,667 feet

Completion Year: 2004

Taipei stands tall with 101 storeys. Mounting from the base it segments in a series of eight-story modules flaring flare outward creating visual of Chinese pagoda. Before falling down in the list it was the tallest building of the world in 2004. It was prized in 2011 with the LEED platinum certification for being largest green building in the world.

Taipei is well lauded for its flamboyant malls, clubs and ability to withstand typhoons and earthquakes. It gains the worldly attention at New Year’s Eve for the firework show.

4. One World Trade Center


Locale: New York City, United States

Height: 1,776 feet

Completion Year: 2014

104 as the number of floors this is a recent construction considered to be civic symbol of the nation. The memorial engraved out of earth speaks volumes about the past. It holds the supremacy of business center. The architects have given a masterpiece mishmash of innovation, panache, tradition, safety and sustainability.

 3. Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel


Locale: Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Height: 1,972 feet

Completion Year: 2012

This building is as high as 120 floors embodying 858 hotel rooms. Had been built for the housing of more than 2 million worshippers, this is immensely giant building. As the name suggests, there are four jumbo clock faces are ensconced near the top. 1 million led lights beautify the tower into white and green structure at night. This is surely a huge and pleasing view.

2. Shanghai Tower


Locale: Shanghai, China

Height: 2,073 feet

Completion Year: 2015

Being the latest creation and securing 2nd place in the list is a matter of dignity. It has set new records by being tallest ever in Shanghai, China and Asia with its 128 storey structure. The fascinating twisted-spiral design is a very unique formation. The 9 vertical segments emerge from a sky lobby, a light-packed garden atrium. High in efficiency and more in functioning it is a place for offices, retails, restaurants, holiday spots.

1. Burj Khalifa


Locale: Dubai, UAE

Height: 2,717 feet

Completion Year: 2010

Breaking all the records is the legendary Burj Khalifa named in the honor of the ruler of Abu Dhabi and President of the UAE, Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan; Abu Dhabi.

When it is Burj Khalifa the numbers are undoubtedly titanic. 2,957 parking slots, 900 apartments and 304 hotel rooms it has 163 floors. Respecting and showcasing the cultural and historical elements of Islam, the design of this massive building was cut. The Y-shaped plan extends the boundaries to the maximum. This is everything smart, sustainable, unique, plush, grand, great and yes THE TALLEST TODAY!

The heights of the tallest buildings seem to have no height. Can there be a win over Burj Khalifa? Yes, the win is on the way…



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