Top 20 Unique and Meaningful Tattoos for Men

“I wanted something to last forever so I got myself a tattoo.” Lately, tattoos have become dearer and a classy trend. Attraction and love for tattoos is escalating over the time. Getting inked gives a feeling of pride and contentment. They are not just tattoos but reflection of our personalities. Especially men delve into the meaning of everything around them. They like their tattoos to be coupled with deep meaning and something close to their hearts.

Here are Top 20 Unique and Meaningful Tattoos for Men!

20. Phoenix


Life has its setbacks and we must learn to rise. Phoenix is the perfect reminder of this. It is illustrious of rising from ashes- reborn, renewed and all alive. “New beginning, start afresh” is the beautiful message of this. Transformation is its another face- let go the old you and embrace the new you.

19. Fleur de Lis


This simple symbol holds deep explanation. The design conveys honor and glory, faith and hope. One’s craving for power and wealth is also displayed through this. Around the world it is known for unity and strength. The balanced symmetry of this sign speaks of harmony. To sum up it is everything regal and allegiance.

18. Compass



It has its origin from sailors who used compass to find way back home. For tattoo lovers compass denotes guidance and direction.

As it talks of paths and directions it shows one’s desire to follow their dreams. No matter how much you get lost in the maze the compass will be your guide in reaching your destination.

17. Anchor


An anchor ties ship securely to sea floor. Weaving deep meaning out of this, anchor has special place in hearts of people. It is the token of strength and stability applicable to one’s own will-power and towards relationships also. A lover expresses their loyalty through anchor. An achiever inculcates hope and enlightenment.

16. Yin Yang


Yin Yang is the holder of deepest meanings. It shows perfect balance. It believes in interaction of opposites to spread harmony. If Yin is dark then Yang is light. One is water, the other is fire. Life-death, fortune-misfortune and the list goes on. Yin and Yang are need each other for own survival.

15. Ankh


Literally it connotes “life”. So the basic representation of this tattoo would be abundance in living life. Egyptians explain “ankh” as the ultimate key unlocking the gateways into the realms of secrecy. It is best for those who believe in “The Life to Come” meaning afterlife. It indicates unification and magic!

14. Arrow

Arrow tattoos designs ideas men women best guy girls (45)

Arrow designs have different amazing meaning attached.

  • A solitary arrow calls for defense against harm.
  • An arrow passing a diamond reflects courage of moving ahead.
  • Two crossed arrows mark the strong friendship.
  • Pack of five arrows flaunts strength in a way that 1 arrow may break but 5 is tougher task.

Most inspiring of all is that an arrow shoots only when pulled back, so in life if something drags you down be ready to give a comeback!

13. Infinity


It is seen as number 8 on its side or a never-ending loop. It exemplifies limitless opportunities that life has in store for you. To dig deep it would mean no end to life i.e. rebirth or reincarnation. Tattoo lovers also ink words like “love” or “friendship” amid the loop conveying eternal feelings.

12. Dagger


It’s a weapon used as a guard against evil. A dagger may be used for protecting oneself or others. It points that the wearer of this tattoo is ready to battle for survival. It boasts of being courageous, fierce and protective.

11. Pyramid


Pyramids are pride of Egyptians as they are the figures of tremendous triumphs. The sign of pyramid showcases one’s immense capabilities. It may mean unity and determination to some in achieving some achievement. It is all about creation and attainment.

10. Clock


With variety in clock designs, they have scores of meanings. To get it inked on your skin you must opt the apt style of clock.

A specific time engraved may be the beautiful reminder of a special event like birth of your baby or love of your life. A clock without hands may infer timelessness and freedom to do things regardless of time.

9. Key


This is very exciting and packed with mystery kind of tattoo. A key without lock may indicate the person is reluctant to unlock any secrets. It may reflect one’s trait of being self- reliant. A key with a lock may illustrate one’s try in opening all the doors to happiness.

A skeleton-key tattoo may talk about getting free from one’s past. People also try to convey openness for key to one’s heart.

8. Celtic


When Celts fought it had the label of highest honor. To them scars were their dignity and delight. So a Celtic tattoo would induce that the person is proud of battling with their past. Celtic knots are endless and have eternity as the meaning.

7. The Sun


Humankind has been worshiping Sun since ages. So a Sun tattoo may demonstrate one’s dedication towards some worship. Without Sun there would be no life. Sun thereby represents power, necessity and creation. A rising Sun speaks of fresh starts.

6. Stars


Stars shine in darkness. One may get stars tattooed as inspiration to glow even during gloominess. For many stars depict wishes and dreams. Shooting star may express desire to meet destiny. 5 or 6 pointed stars have their own relevance.

5. Tree of life


Trees are selfless creators and nurturers of life. It symbolizes interconnections of the universe that nourishes life. The tree of life depicts wisdom of the universe and innate knowledge of the earth. Trees may also portray one’s endurance during storms and having roots clasped tightly with trust.

4. Globe



It is the sign of being a traveler and a explorer. It is the best preferred tattoo for all those with a wander lust in them.

3. Dragon


Dragons denote different meanings depending upon their art. From meditation to furious state, creation to destruction dragons represent all.

  • Asian dragons are for wisdom, good luck and prosperity.
  • Sleeping dragon says that wearer should not be messed with as he is potent if waked.
  • Dragon claw is a win over evil representing fearlessness.
  • Rising dragon states progression of life.

2. Eagle



The eagle is renowned for its bold, daring and majestic attribute. An eagle tattoo commands for respect and follows the rule of discipline. Men may like to get it tattooed with a belief that Eagle flies to the tops of mountains. It tells the wearer is always up for challenges.

1. Buddha


Buddha preached the virtue of self-discipline and non-violence through spiritual meditation. The image of the Buddha may be the sign of solitude and quiet meditation. He is the true figure for love and compassion. His image is said to earn good luck. He enlightened lives of people so he is taken to be everybody’s guide.

Tattoos are beautiful representations so give it a serious thought before getting inked. A tattoo is not just a tattoo but the meaning of “You”.

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