Top 20 Ways to Enjoy Being Single

If you are nursing a broken heart or just got rid of a long term relationship that was draining the life out of you, I suggest the first thing that you ought to do is decide to have a good time in your life and stop sulking! To help you get out of the emotional daydreaming and self-pity here is a list of things that you ought to try:

1. Binge watch shows:

The guide to singletons in a city will be incomplete without a complete season viewing of The Sex and the City. If you find this show too raunchy for your taste you can easily try some other sitcoms or drama series like Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girls, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. You ought to avoid series like GOT which can be mood-downers for the happiest of hearts.

2. Wish list of books:

Initially one doesn’t feel so great about being a party animal or being too social so for the initial loners the best way to enjoy would be to create a list of the books that you have always wanted to read. Sigmund Freud, Ayn Rand, Gabriel García Márquez or other authors that you always wanted to read, it is time you read them. I personally recommend lighter reads, especially from the young adult section, full of teen drama and hyper-emotionality. Authors like Meg Cabot, Sophie Kinsella can be a delight to read.

3. Rope in friends:

We all have our favourite bunch of people who are the source of shining rays in our lives. Once you have spent some time wallowing, it is now time to step out of the house and paint the town yellow. Go out with your favourite people for movies, brunches, breakfasts, dinners, picnics or anything that you like to do with them. If you like to just sit around a table and die laughing from your gossips then so be it!


Use dating apps that are the recent fad of the young, single generation. Flirt with prospective dates, set yourself up on blind dates or enroll in speed dating sessions. Casually flirting with someone randomly can be such a boost to your heartbeat. Remember how your heart skips a beat when a cute guy flirts with you, well you need to feel that skip!

5. Develop a new hobby:

This hobby could be anything. Start learning a new musical instrument, learn to ride roller skates, learn a new dance form or join painting classes. If you do not want to spend money on new equipment or enroll in paid classes then there are several tutorials on YouTube that you can watch. If they do not suit you then Pinterest has something for everyone. Just start a new DIY project!

6. Music:

It is truly said that music can heal all wounds and can sway the mightiest. Whenever battling an overwhelming emotion or just want your brain to stop its chatter, you should put on your favourite music, especially dance tunes, and dance on it. Make sure the music is LOUD for the desired effect. If you sing along the music at the top of your voice, you will reach another level of pleasure.

7. Pamper yourself:

You have one life and you have been through a lot. You definitely deserve a pamper session. Book a spa or a hair salon appointment and get the most relaxing massages or treat yourself to a pampering session. If you are hard pressed for cash, make sure to do the pampering yourself, with DIY scrubs and use readily available kitchen supplies. Do not go light on the pampering. Treat yourself with a pair of sexy stilettos or a ravishing dress or whatever things you have wanted for a long time.

8. Shopping Spree:

Now that you do not have to save for the scheduled dates, the overnight stays, the travel to meet make sure to spend the money on YOURSELF. Go out and buy the most bizarre outfits. Surprise yourself. Try a style that you thought you can never pull off or a style that your ex would never approve of. Dress just to impress yourself.

9. Explore the city:

We all have these spots where we have always thought we will once go or the famous historical places that have been on our lists for too long. Put on your most comfortable shoes or hop on to your favourite mode of transportation and take a fresh look at the city. Go see hidden places, explore corners that you only once dared to think of, spend a day in a museum or a gallery or a large public gallery. Depending on your tastes, find out what you would like to do and don’t delay it anymore.

10. Exercise:
Yes, we all know that when we are with someone we tend to ignore our bodies. Well, now it is time to give the much -needed attention to you. Hard-core exercises are not mandatory but some form of sweat-inducing activity is a must. Whether at home or a park or a gym or a health center, spend some quality time on your health, the temple of your soul.

11. Love yourself:

When we someone we tend to give no time to ourselves. Well now is the time to dwell into your heart and see what you like. Don’t shy away from self-introspection. Identify what things matter to you the most and then change your life accordingly to reach those goals.

12. Family time:

Sometimes families can be overwhelming but when you are at your lowest there is no place like home. Take a few days off and spend some time with your family. Thoughtless about work, you can indulge in the simpler pleasures of life. Reconnect with your parents, catch up with siblings, share life’s lessons and just be yourself.

13. Gastronomic fiesta:

Experiment with food. Head out or order in or cook the most interesting dishes you can find. Try some new cuisine or some new techniques or some new recipes. Go out to the hippest restaurants in town and eat their most recommended dishes.

14. Adopt a stray:

Love comes in all size, shapes and life forms. Adopt a stray animal of your choice and spend some quality time on nurturing a relationship with them. Pets can be the best companions, keeping you entertained and loved. If strays are too much for you then you can always buy a pet from a pet store.

15. No compromises:
Enjoy the phase of no compromises. You can sleep on the entire bed in whatever position you like now. You can do only those things that you like. No need to make decisions keeping anyone else in mind. The phase of over-protectiveness and jealousy is finally over and you can spend your precious time on yourself.

16. Groups activities:

Participate in group activities. Find out the nearest concert and force some friends to go with you or attend karaoke nights. Make sure to exploit the ‘happy hours’ offers!

17. Volunteer:

Nothing gives more satisfaction than volunteer work. Choose what you would like to volunteer for and give your time to the organization or task of your choice. Not only is it deeply calming but will also make you feel like a better person.

18. Start a blog:
Often people just want to be heard. Well, the whole world is listening. If you have anything to say or anything to tell the world or if you want to put anything into the universe, start your own blog. It is deeply rewarding when you create your own project.

19. Be Spontaneous:
Say ‘yes’ more. For a while try and forget the word ‘No’. Be the ‘yes’ person and experience how exciting life can be. Make decisions without calculating, do not plan your next holiday and instead just go where your heart takes you.

20. Agony Aunt/Uncle:

Now that you are single you don’t face the emotional ups and downs but lend an ear to a loved one instead. Offer sane advice, without being personally involved in a conflict. The best part is that you will gain wisdom on things to avoid.

Basically, if you make the choice to have fun then that is how it will be. Listen to the Break Up Song from our  heartthrob’s recent movie and you will get a succinct summary of what to do.
If you will SMILE then life will be beautiful. Take the plunge for your own happiness.


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