Top 24 Hobbies for Men in Their 20’s

One is often questioned about the hobbies they have. It is not only a social question of knowing how one spends their free time but also to analyze their character better. A hobby is generally the activity the participant is either interested in or wants to learn or improve.

Today we will take up a certain sex; male, and that too of specific age group, i.e in their twenties. We will try to figure out the best hobbies to suit one’s personality type. Hobby adds up as an essential component in grooming a person and also provides with the satisfaction of time well utilized.

24. Review!

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Take it for a book, a movie, music or anything in general, you can always taste the food, read a book, watch a movie, and review it by the end. This way you’ll not only enhance your capabilities as an analytical thinker but also, witness admirable personality growth. You would be dipped into the pool of knowledge and come out as a thorough thinker. It’s not a bad idea for someone who wants to be an achiever! Reviewing could be for yourself or for a certain audience. It solely depends on you.

23. Chess


Out of many games which one plays to evolve their skills and tendencies, chess is one of the few, which makes you feel productive as well as gives a sense of time spend luxuriously. With the astounding capabilities of your mind, you could initiate yourself in learning chess moves and could have great mind battles with your comrades. Chess is something which makes you intelligent enough to take crazy routes, meanwhile, you can actually be a better practitioner of decision making.

22. Yum! Yum!

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Everybody likes to eat well and healthy. Cooking is an art and should be learned by everyone, regardless of their age or gender. It enables you to be the master of the delicacies and will definitely help you out in any sphere of life. Learning how to cook will not only help you to survive, in the mean time you could also be a deal breaker by being an amazing host. It is much more than a chore!

21.Blog the thought


How many times are there when we are deeply passionate about something? We generally tend to lack the audience of the same interests, which social media sites have successfully covered for. We can now garner the apt recipients. Blogging can be one of those several ways. You can establish a blog on whatever interests you have and can share your thoughts with the outside world.

20. March for a war!


Every guy has a hidden warrior inside him. The passion of fighting for the good, the exhilarating moment of the cause; excluding the bloodshed, everybody loves the sense of victory. Why not involve yourself in battles with the fake arsenal? Instead of the iron bullets, you will love to use paintballs and color the body of your opponents in different hues. It is an exciting way to turn against the day-to-day routine and feel like both the savior and the survivor.

19.Paint the world


Everybody has a Picasso in them during their childhood which is killed off with time. They are creative, innovative and have the capacity to color the world. As one grows up, one realizes that they are losing their flair of artistic capabilities. You should definitely take it up again. Picasso or not, that’s not relevant!

18. Climb the mountains


Did you ever look for an extreme adventure? Did you ever want to literally climb the highest mountains? Your twenties are an ideal age to work on your physique and achieve greater heights. In this manner, you stretch out for something enthralling and also keep yourself on your toes regarding discipline. Mountaineering is not only a hobby for the brave people, it is rather a sport to relive your existence.

17. Letters


Letter writing is a lost art. Not many know of it or take it as seriously as it was once taken. Letters are something tangible and real in this virtual world of emails and text. You just have to take up a paper, a pen and write about your feelings in the form of words which are written by you and are felt with greater intensity by the receiver on the other end.

16. Collections


Being collectors of stamps, coins, music, or of anything of your choice can also be fun. You can always start from scrap and can turn into a big time connoisseur at it with time and luxury of resources.

15.Playing an instrument

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Play the beats on your drum and let the world dance on your created symphony. Music has always been a renowned way to enervate yourself and to develop concentration. It not only adds up another talent to your resume but is well known for stress release. Instruments need passion; and most of all, discipline. Being able to play an instrument can be your way of expanding your sphere of interests.

14. Learn some other tongues


It will always be beneficial to be bilingual, at least. What languages you learn is not of importance as while learning one you will get well versed in something you do not know. Knowledge never goes waste and it will eventually pay off. Language being the main source of communication only helps you to be on your best foot.

13. Go fishing!


Have you ever considered yourself sitting in the lap of nature beside a bank of water with a fish net or hook? If you haven’t tried it yet, you must go for it right away. The warmth of nature will bring back the nice taste of life to you. Go and fish!

12. Mix it up!



If you hang out at bars or restaurants you might have come across the ample number of drinks the menu has to offer. Have you ever been curious about how the bartenders get the mix right? The answer is of course experiment and the will to practice. Would you like to do some training for yourself? If you like hosting gatherings, this might get passed as a charm. Practice it! Taste it! Reinvent it!

11. Love to play with snow!


If you are the lover of snow and winters, you will love the mention of skiing and snowboarding. Wouldn’t it be great to know the flexibility of your body? It’s an overwhelming experience to know the fair estimate and movement of your limbs on the rugged surface of the snow-covered mountain, you would also be the king of the uncertainty and nature.  Pent up your energy, money and gear and get up to the mountains of the white and carve it with your feet as you may.



We are currently living in an automation era, where everything is delivered to us without an effort. It would be a better experience to go back to the primitive ways for a little while, take up anything from the backyard to orchards. It is more than a simple interest, it is a way of reconnecting yourself with the elements of nature. Go to your backyard and structure your own personal Eden. Moreover, it is always better to know where your food came from.

9.Model building


There have been several times when one has an idea in one’s head and there can also be a 2-D plan for it. It would be tactful if you could turn your plans into a 3-D model. The art of model building needs skill, patience and demands a lot of hard work. It not only exhibits the minute details but also gives us a unique representation. You can always preserve the miniature of your establishment for future reference.

8.Capture the world still


Life is inspired in innumerable ways at any moment of time. It can be anything to everything. Photography is a hobby which will help you out to capture your favorite moments. As the stills will be living with you for decades, they will be the reminder of your past experience and will make you relive it in comparison with your present.



Innumerable words are stretching out for you to approach them with ample of stories and millions of characters. Reading any genre of a book provides you with the unquestionable land of knowledge and understanding.Reading helps you improve your vocabulary and provides you with the confidence to showcase your proficiency. Reading is the time best utilized.

6.Martial arts


Martial arts exhibits the art of self-defense and self-control. You will be able to hold a better command over your mind, body and instincts than  a normal person. Martial arts helps in protecting yourself and others. It can further be carried out as a fitness regime too. It allows you to grow on many levels like concentration, control, perception, personality, physic etc.



Move your body to the beats and lose the grip on you. Dance can be practiced to please and express yourself to oneself or your partner or an audience. It is a talent on display and saves you the embarrassment of not initiating/participating. Dance helps you to channel your energy in a profound, disciplined manner; and yet, you enjoy yourself to the most.



Aim and strike! Archery has been with human kind since the dawn of civilization. Once we needed to protect ourselves with this tool and skill. As time has changed its form, we have added this survival technique to our sports list. It is an acknowledged sport which is popular among the variant practitioners which can be anybody from the professionals, elites and even the common man.

3.Taboo or Tattoo



Anthropology convicts humankind as the marking species. Ever since we were a part of tribe or community we have been covered in paints and symbols to depict our identity and linkage with a certain group. Gradually, this skill of painting the body became a savage practice which a civilized or white collar person won’t commit. As the times have changed, people are no more afraid to get their skin marked by various symbols and in many shades. It’s a popular practice nowadays.

2.Coding and Hacking


The world is standing on the foot of computers and software. We all are dependent on computers for both our work and entertainment interests. As a matter of fact, we should also learn the computer tongue and make out networking strong. We could not only access the abyss of knowledge but could also defend our person virtual space. Start taking your computer classes more seriously and pay attention to the language it uses.



The majestic Greek statues and carved boulders, the famous Ajanta and Elora caves, the magnificent temples in India are all the stone carved monuments which have lived through the ages. Sculpting is a skill rare to be found and harder to be perfected. To even consider to try something like this is a challenge in itself.  If mastered in time, you could be the legacy of your own or could be the artist of the world.

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