Top 30 Best April Fool Prank Ideas

The April fool day is not just about making the fool of someone, where it is the fundamental element of the day, this day stores much more. It’s more of a minor revenge you’re dying to take on your sibling, or is it your best friend, who gave you a hell of a day on last April Fool.

One could never be old enough to play a prank, and if you are getting bored of playing same old tricks again and again, then get ready to take this roller-coaster ride of the top 30 best April fool Prank, and keep your back ready for the aftermath.

  1. Fertile keyboard

grass1 grass 2

The surprise lies in the action of the doer, and this is nothing short of a bewilderment. Bring some grass and pre-grown herbs, remove the keyboard cover, put the ingredients nicely, spray some water, and show it some sunlight, and after a week or two, your grass keyboard will be ready.

Imagine the face of the person you would pull this prank on. Sure enough, the next words would be, ‘Holy Mother! How?’

  1. The Makeover

girls making up sleeping friend --- Image by © Aurelie and Morgan David de Lossy/cultura/Corbis

This classic prank never gets old. Grab a make-up kit, and shimmer the magic of your creative fingers on the sleeping beauties. The more horrible, the better.

  1. Horn-No-Please


Has there been anyone from your office who really is nosy? Then this is the one. The devil’s smile can easily be seen beneath the chair.

Prank Ingredients:

* Air-horn

*Electrical Tape

*Evil Mind

Method: Fasten the air-horn to the chair with the help of a black electric tape, and make sure that the nozzle of the air-horn must touch the base of the seat.


  1. The Lamp Shriek

insect lamp 1 insect lamp

This will definitely earn you a shriek of horror from the victim. It is an easy trick to go with. All you need to do is shine in your creative armour, and cut out fine, and shapely insects from a black sheet of paper, and paste them inside the lamp cover.

  1. The Mouse


This trick never fails to irritate the victim of this prank. Just block the mouse’s sensor, and ‘help’ your friend fix the cables which according to him are the culprits. Ah! The feeling.

  1. The Snake Shock


These sleek, and lethal reptiles are the joy of April fool’s day. Oh, of course, not the real ones. The charm of rubber snake has won many horrified screams and yelps, and the best part is you can use them anytime without worrying about the prank-fail because rubber snakes never fail.

  1. No Lather Shower

paint soap

The charisma of clear nail polish is not restricted to the area of nails. They are invented to do a bigger job of making people yell: What the hell?

Roll up your cuffs, and paint the soap with a clear nail polish. What will happen? When the victim would be cleaning hands, or hopefully, bathing, there would be no lather. No, nada.

  1. Air Horn is the Protector

airhorn dorr wall

Want to give your friend a good deal of raised heartbeats and ear-splitting shrill? Then, on your marks, get set, and go. All you need is a duct tape, a hair horn and a smug smile. Try convincing your friend to watch a nice horror-flick beforehand to receive better results.

Method: Tape the Airhorn on the part of the wall where the door knob would touch it when opened, and then close the door behind. Now, wait for your victim to open the door.

  1. I gotta Pee, but darn!


A warning must be displayed: The prolonged resistance to pee-pee can do funny things to the kidney, and to the face expressions of the victim too.

Method: Nicely lay jeans on the seat and shoes beneath, so that from outside it would look like the bathroom is already occupied, and you are good to go.

  1. Frozen Home Screen

frozen phone

Nowadays, jamming the home screen of phones is as easy as chewing nuts. Give your friend the frozen home screen, and congrats the prank went successfully.

  1. The Evil

Imagine that your dad sent you the message written below:

How about getting drunk tonight?

There could be nothing more un-daddy about the message, but did you get the point? Change your name to ‘Dad’ in your friend’s mobile, and enjoy the looks of horror and bewilderment.  

  1. No More Pearly Whites

tooth prank

How about ruining a smile for a few days? Add a few drops of food colour in your victim’s toothpaste, and enjoy the colourful smiles, after that person has beat you up.

  1. Bloody Water



The use of food colour will never die. All you need to do is put some food colour in the shower-head, and wait for the victim’s bath and shrieks too.

  1. Exchange boiled eggs to raw


One can hardly find out the difference between the boiled eggs and raw eggs. Use this information in your favour. Swap the boiled eggs with the raw ones and enjoy the mess.

  1. The Alien Abduction


This is worth trying. All you need is an Alien dress and a great height! Scare them away!

  1. Batman Calling, and Superman too!


“Borrow” your friend’s phone and have fun with the phonebook. Change all the names to Harry Potter, Twilight, Batman, Superman, and anything you can think of.

  1. Be the Car Seat

car seat

This might come as a surprise, but it would be worth watching everyone else’s faces. All you need is to buy a car seat dress, and scare the hell out of people when they see an ‘invisible’ driver driving the car.

  1. Donuts, erm, are they?


Donuts are famous for the sweet melody they play on the strings of taste buds, but what if they suddenly start tasting like a mayo, or worst ketchup? A recipe to nice prank, though not at all for taste buds.

Method: Take donuts, make a hole in them, and pour mayo or ketchup through it. Now, wait for your friend to eat it.

  1. Leaky Glasses

The safety pin comes very handy, not only in case of on-hand help for wardrobe malfunctions but for pulling out a prank as well. Just pick up some disposable glasses and pierce them with safety pins. The prank is ready to be played.

  1. Bloody Mat

bloody mat

Where the mere name sounds gruesome, the act is not. The red colour has its many shades, and in this prank, we use the shade of blood. Just paint your feet red and stand on the victim’s mat. The precipitate of panic would definitely show on the forehead.

  1. Cheesy Deodorant


Do you like mixing things up to extract out a horrendous and hilarious output? Great! Save this trick up your sleeves.


*Your Victim’s Deodorant



Method: Open the bottle from the bottom and pull out the deodorant from it. Keep it aside, and now scoop out the cheese from the cheese box, then nicely put it into the deo bottle, and shape it properly. Close it, and wait for your victim to smell… cheesy.

  1. Mess up The Wardrobe


Changes are good and inevitable part of the universe, but they annoy when done to your wardrobe, definitely not by you. This is the best trick to annoy someone’s morning. All you need to do is swap clothes cabinet. It would be interesting to see your victim’s face when the sock drawer would turn into undies drawer. No?

  1. Plastic Sheet

plastic toilet

This is, well, plastic sheet, where the person would eventually… you got the point, right?


*Clingy Plastic Sheet

Method: Open the lid of the commode and wrap the clingy plastic sheet over it, and make sure that it is wrapped tightly. Now, wait for your victim until nature calls them.

  1. Blocked Body Wash


Again, plastic sheets come handy. Open the cap of the body wash, and wrap it with a clingy plastic sheet, cut out the extra. Nothing will come out.

  1. Mentos Attack


Ingredients: A Mentos, safety pin, soda bottle (or coke), a string or thread.

Method: Poke a hole in between of Mentos with the help of a safety pin, pass the string out of that hole, then hold the other end of the string and tie the knot. Open up the cap of the bottle, and lower the Mentos just a little bit inside (your victim must not see it dangling). Put the cap back and make sure to tighten it, and then cut the extra string. The Mentos must touch the inside of the cap of the bottle. Then wait for your victim to open it.

This will be a blast.

  1. Upside Down Glass

upside down water

When teachers say Science is important, listen, or how will you get your next prank?


*A half-glass of water

* A piece of cardboard

Method: Put the piece of cardboard above the glass of water and keep it in place with the help of your palm, then at once turn the glass upside down, and slowly remove your hand from the cardboard. You’re all set to go.

  1. Show Your Cooking Skills


They will never know until they will start chewing.


*Cardboard as the dish

Method: Cook ‘cardboard fry’ and serve it to your victims.

  1. Taste Bud Blast


Raw onions are hardly a treat to taste buds, but what if they resemble mouth-watering caramel delight? Erm!


*Raw Onions

*Caramel Wraps

Method: Peel onions, and wrap them in caramel. And, make sure that you, yourself, have one. No, you need not to eat the raw onion, of course, that’s reserved for the victim, but make sure to wrap yourself a nice caramel apple to leave no trace of foul trick, and enjoy the feast with your victim.

  1. The Clay


How ingenious this material is.




Method: With the help of water, knead the clay, and when it becomes soft, give it a shape of ‘morning waste’.

This is utterly gross, yet works amazingly.

  1. Balloons


Your victim will yell in frustration.


*A Lot of Balloons

*Duct Tape

Method: Tape the bunch of balloons on the glass of the exit door from outside. It would give the impression that the whole area is filled with balloons.


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