Top 50 Most Beautiful Flowers in the World

Do you remember the last time your girlfriend/wife was upset and you got her a bunch of flowers to make her happy? Or when one of your friend or close relative wasn’t well and you sent them a bouquet with a get well soon card? Flowers, as we know, are the easiest way to lift someone’s spirits when they have had a rough day or are just feeling down. For every occasion or situation, be it funerals, weddings, birthdays, we have certain flowers that add to the beauty and without them they would be incomplete.

We bring to you, the Top 50 Most Beautiful Flowers in the World.

50. Laurel

Laurel Flower

The Laurel flower belongs to the kalmia genus species and are generally found in Europe and U.S. They are known to represent ambition, as well as success. The Greeks used to bestow this flower to poets, heroes, athletes etc as a token of appreciation of their hard work.

49. Gerberas


Gerberas are the birth flower of April. They belong to the Daisy Family and come in various colors like pink, yellow, orange etc. They symbolize innocence, purity, cheerfulness and joy. So next time you know someone who’s having a bad day, send them a bouquet of Gerberas and see their spirits lifted in no time!

48. Violet Flowers

Violet flower

Violet flowers are usually found in U.S and Greece, and belong to the Violaceae family. They symbolize delicate love, affection, nobility, intuition and dignity. Blue flowers represent love and faithfulness whereas white flowers represent chastity.

47. Hibiscus


Hibiscus is mainly found in the Asiatic region, and has over 200 species. It is found in colors like red, orange, yellow, white etc. Hibiscus is often related to beauty or personal glory. In North America, a hibiscus means a perfect wife or woman.

46. Cypress


Cypress flowers belong to the family of Cupressaceae and symbolize death and mourning, as well as respect for the dead, and therefore, are best for funerals.

45. Pansy

The garden pansy flower is two to three inches big and belongs to the Violaceae family. The word pansy comes from a French word penser, which means thought. It also symbolizes loyalty.

44. Alstroemeria

Alstromeria, also known as Peruvian Lily or Lily of the Incas, is a native flower to South America, but can also be found at places like Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, etc. It belongs to the family Alstroemeriaceae.  It symbolizes friendship, commitment, care, wealth, fortune and prosperity.

43. Amaryllis


Amaryllis belongs to the family Amaryllidaceae and is also known by the name Belladonna or the Naked lady. This flower symbolizes success, beauty, and determination.

42. Crocus Flower


Crocus flowers belong to the family Iridaceae and are native to Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. The Crocus flower symbolizes cheerfulness and youthfulness.

 41. Anemone

The name Anemone comes from the Greek word for “windflower”. It represents calmness and protection against evil. It is also a symbol of blood and sincerity.

40. Plumeria


Belonging to the Apocynaceae family, Plumeria flowers are native to Brazil, Caribbean and Central America. These come in various vibrant colors and symbolize positivity.

39. Heather


Heather flowers are native to Ireland, Scotland, Russia as well as North America and come in colors like pink, purple, red and white. This flower symbolizes admiration, good luck and is also believed to have protective powers and is associated to solitude as well.

38. Aster

 Aster belongs to the family Asteraceae and are native to Eurasia and are found in a variety of colors like red, pink, white, lavender etc. They are fondly known as the symbol of patience and talisman of love.

37. Hydrangea

Hydrangea flowers are native to southern and eastern Asia and belong to the family Hydrangeaceae.  They can be found in colors like blue, red, white, and purple. This flower symbolizes earnestness and is ideal for communicating a heartfelt desire.

36. Sunflower


Sunflowers are native to North America and belong to the family Asteraceae. Sunflowers symbolize the sun, warmth, happiness, adoration and longevity. In China, they represent long life, good luck and are considered very auspicious. It’s a symbol of happiness as well.

35. Marigold


Marigold flowers belong to the family Asteraceae and are native to North and South America. They are supposed to symbolize positivity, but have been perceived to be associated with darker qualities like jealousy, cruelty, sorrow and death.

34. Daffodil

Daffodils which belong to the Amaryllidaceae family, are native to Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand and much of Eastern United States. They symbolize renewal and fresh start, and bring encouragement and hope to a  unhappy person. They also symbolize honesty, forgiveness and forthrightness.

33. Bouvardia


Bouvardia flowers contain about 50 species of evergreen herbs and shrubs native to Mexico and Central America, belonging to the Rubiaceae family. Bouvardia symbolizes enthusiasm and a sense of appreciation.

32. Delphinium


Delphinium is a genus of about 300 flowering plants of the Ranunculaceae family, native throughout the Northern Hemisphere. They are mostly found in colors like yellow, blue, white and purple. They symbolize and open heart and ardent attachment.

31. Freesia


Freesia belongs to the family Iridaceae, and is native to the eastern side of South Africa. They are generally found in colors like yellow, pink etc. They symbolize innocence, friendship and grace under pressure.

30. Lisianthus


Eustoma flowers, generally known as Lisianthus flowers, belong to the family Gentianaceae and are native to Texas and Mexico. They come in various colors like white, pink, lavender, purple. They symbolize an outgoing nature. They also symbolize appreciation, so are a perfect gift to give to your loved ones.

29. Snapdragon


Antirrhinum flowers, commonly known as snapdragons, are native to rocky areas of Europe, Unites States and North Africa, belong to the family Plantaginaceae. It is named Snapdragon as when it is squeezed gently, it makes the flower looks like a Dragon’s head. It represents both deception and fascination.

28. Poinsettia


Poinsettia flowers which are native to Mexico, belong to the Euphorbiaceae family. The colors range from green, cream, white and orange.The  poinsettia flower is sometimes thought as a symbol of the Star of Bethlehem which led the Wise Men to Jesus. The red colored leaves symbolize the blood of Christ whereas the white leaves represent his purity.

27. Proteas


Proteas are sometimes referred to as sugarbushes, and are native to South Africa. They belong to the Proteaceae family. This flower symbolizes strength, diversity, transformation, courage, change and hope.

26. Statice Flowers

Statice Flower

Limonium, or static flowers, are a genus of 120 species native to Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa. They belong to the Plumbaginaceae family. It symbolizes remembrance, sympathy and success.

25. Stock Flower

Stock Flower

Stock flowers, which belong to the Brassicaceae family, are native to Greece. They are found in a variety of colors like white, pink, red or lilac.This flower symbolizes undying love and affection.  It also symbolizes a long life full of happiness, contentment,  as well as ageless beauty.

24. Iris


Iris is a genus of 260-300 species, belonging to the Iridaceae family. They are native to Europe, Asia and North America. This flower is associated with faith, wisdom, friendship hope and valor. Different colored iris flowers represent different things. Like white Iris flowers represent purity and kindness whereas yellow Iris flowers symbolize passion.

23. Camellia


Camilla flowers belong to the Theaceae family and are native to Eastern and Southern Asia.  It symbolizes Desire, Passion, Refinement, Perfection,  Excellence, Faithfulness & Longevity.

22. Chrysanthemum Flower


Chrysanthemums, which are native to Asia and North eastern Europe, belong to the Asteraceae family. They are found in various colors like white, yellow, pink and red. These flowers symbolize lasting friendship, affection, support, cheerfulness, good spirits, loyalty and devotion.

21. Dahlia


Dahlia flowers are native to Mexico, and belong to the family Asteraceae. It is found in various colors like bronze, red, white and purple etc. It is a symbol of gracefulness, dignity, elegance, as well as commitment.

20. Carnation


Carnations are native to the Mediterranean region and belong to the Caryophyllales family. They are found in colors like red, pink and white. They symbolize  Love, Fascination, Remembrance as well as innocence.

19. Gladiolus Flowers


Gladiolus flowers belong to the Iridaceae family, and are native to Asia and South Africa. They are found in colors like white, pink, purple, yellow, orange, green and salmon. They symbolize strength, faithfulness, sincerity, integrity, and infatuation.

18. Ranunculus


Ranunculus flowers are native to Asia, southeastern Europe and northeastern Africa, and belong to the Ranunculaceae family. It is available in colors like yellow, pink, and red and white. These flowers are a symbol of charm.

17. Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea Flowers, which are native to Southern Italy, belong to the Fabaceae family. It is mostly used in the cosmetic industry due to its heavenly smell. The flower symbolizes blissful pleasure.

16. Lavender


Lavenders are a genus of 39 species of the Lamiaceae family. They are native to Europe and Eastern Africa. They are a symbol of Purity, Silence, Devotion, Caution, Serenity, Grace and Calmness.

15. Peony


Peony flowers, which are native to Asia, Europe and Western North America, belong to Paeoniaceae family. They come in various colors like white, red, yellow, purple etc. It symbolizes fortune and happy marriage. Thus it is an ideal flower for marriage and festivities.

14. Magnolia


Magnolia is a genus of 210 species of magnoliaceae family, native to Asia and North America. They come in colors like white, pink and purple where the white ones represent purity and perfection, the pink ones represent youth and the purple represent health and luck.

13. Jasmine


Jasmine is a genus of shrubs and vines of around 200 species belonging to the Oleaceae family. It is mostly found white in color but in some places yellow species are also found.  This flower symbolizes love,beauty, sensuality, luck, purity, happiness, life and hope.

12. Morning Glory

Morning Glory

Morning Glory belongs to the Convolvulaceae family comprising of over 1,000 species which are native to Mexico and Florida. This flower symbolizes love, affection and mortality.

11. Orchids


Orchid flowers, which belong to the Orchidaceae family, are native to North America, Asia as well as to tropics. These flowers represent love, luxury, beauty and strength and are the 14th wedding anniversary flower. Pink orchids convey pure affection while white signify mature charm. They also symbolize sympathy.

10. Bird of Paradise

bird of paradise

Bird of Paradise is a genus of five species native to South Africa, belonging to the Strelitziaceae family. The flower resembles a bird’s beak and plumage. They are available in various colors like yellow, pink, purple, orange, and white and blue and symbolize freedom and appreciation.

9. Daisy


Daisies, which belong to the Asteraceae family, are native to Europe, America and Australia. Daisies have no negative meaning and generally symbolize innocence, love, purity, loyalty, beauty, patience as well as new beginnings.

8. Queen Anne Lace

Queen Anne Lace

Queen Anne Lace Flower, or Daucus Carota, belongs to the Apiaceae family, and is native to Europe and Southwest Asia. This flower symbolizes grace and comfort.

7. Cherry Blossom

cherry blossom

Cherry Blossom is a flower of the genus Prunus,  particularly native to the Himalayas, Japan, China, Korea, Europe. It is a symbol of love, happiness and hope. It also represents feminine beauty.

6. Lilac


Lilac is a genus of 12 species belonging to the Oleaceae family, native to Southeastern Europe and Eastern Asia. They are the symbols of first love, innocence, confidence and pride.

5. Jade Vine

Jade Vine or Emerald Vine Flowers belong to the Fabaceae family and are native to Philippines. It symbolizes energy of friendship, wealth,  luck and prosperity.

4. Lily


Lilies belong to the Liliceae family, and are native to the Northern Hemisphere. Stargazer lily symbolizes sympathy,modesty, friendship, devotion, wealth, majesty and purity.These flowers  bring peace to the receivers mind.

3. Tulips


The tulip flowers, having around 75 species, belong to the Liliaceae family and are native to North Africa, Greece, Iran, Ukraine, Siberia. They are a symbol of resurrection and determination. They symbolize elegance, grace, cheerfulness, forgiveness, royalty and deep love.

2. Lotus


Lotus flowers, which belong to the Nelumbonaceae family, are native to Asia and Australia. And as we all know, it is the National Flower of India. It represents rebirth and divinity. It is also viewed as a sign of purity of speech and mind and is associated with beauty as well.

1. Rose

Roses are undoubtedly the most beautiful and popular flowers in the entire world. Belonging to the Rosaceae family, they are native to Asia. They are often known as a symbol of achievement, completion and perfection. They have over 100 species. They symbolize various things, like a red rose symbolizes mature love, passion whereas a yellow rose signifies friendship and a white rose signifies purity and sanctity. They are often a source of inspiration for artists, poets, etc.


So do you agree with this list of the top 50 most beautiful flowers of the world? Or do you think there are other flowers which should be there in this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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