Top 50 Most Beautiful Flowers in The World

They bloom in the lap of nature, kissing different seasons with the fragrance of their arrival. A mirth to bumblebees and taste of honey to humans, they pandiculate and swing in the arms of wind.

Flowers are not only an immaculate adjective of nature but they define beauty and health. A wreath pristinely sewed from love and care glorifies her beauty, and the smile on her lips revere the pinned garland. These nostalgic beauties of nature have not restricted themselves to beautify women but has blessed the world with their benefits too.

Their role is not limited to enhance the grace of women, or to make a garden splendid. Flowers are known to remove the harmful toxins and carbon dioxide from the air, acting as a natural air purifier. They are the food of many insects, from which the process of pollination takes place, blessing humans and other living beings with fruits. Flowers are one of the most important parts of the food web and are important for the balance of nature.

Below are the top 50 most beautiful flowers in the world:


  1. Corpse Flower


The magnificent corpse flower is native to western Sumatra, and can reach over 3 meters making it one of the largest inflorescence in the world. Though, it stands in contrast with the norm attached to flowers about their pleasant fragrance. It has not only a very pungent smell but a rare flowering structure, and a short life span.

  1. Cypress Vine

I know that this picture has some camera shake but I just couldn't resist posting it because I like its color and the effect of light very much.

The symbol of despair, this bright red star-shaped flower is also known as hummingbird vines, with respect to his ability to attract hummingbirds. This ‘morning glory’ is native to the northern tropics of South America, Mexico, and Central America.

  1. Hibiscus


Hibiscus flowers are vastly found throughout the world in the sub-tropical, tropical and warmly-temperate regions. This flower is not only gorgeous but has remarkable health benefits too. The flower is used in mild medicines, foods, and has been a primary element in Ayurveda and home-remedies.

  1. Morning Glory

Morning Glory Grandpa Ott

Isn’t it like a splash of freshness? This gorgeous flower belongs to the family of biggest flowers in the world, which can reach up to 15 feet. The large trumpet-shaped flowers come in wide range of colours, varying from white, pink, red, orange, purple and blue.

  1. Laurel


Coming from the heather family, these beautiful flowers are native to the Eastern United States. It is a small flower with splendid white and pink petals. It symbolizes ambition and perseverance and are as old as Greek Mythology.

  1. Crocus


It belongs to the iris family and have more than 80 species found in Central Asia, Middle East, Africa, China, and Southern Europe. They are of different colours depending upon the species. This beautiful cup-shaped flower is the symbolism of cheerfulness and youthfulness.

  1. Sunflower


The warmth of the sun, and the promise of the day, this flower symbolizes spirituality. Though it looks like a single flower with brown middle and yellow petals making a halo around it, but it is inflorescent made up of thousands of tiny petals (brown middle) known as florets.

  1. Jasmine


This white flower has been adorning the hair of women in the form of garlands from centuries. This winning flower is native to tropical and warm regions of Eurasia, Australasia, and Oceania. People cultivate them for their magnificent fragrance, and in many cultures, it is the harbour of good luck. It symbolizes sensuality, purity and love.

  1. Marigold


Native to North and South America this flower can reach up to 6 to 48 inches in height depending upon the species. In many cultures marigold is offered to gods during prayers. It is commonly found it yellow, orange, golden and maroon colour with petals tightly bound and overlapping each other.

  1. Anemone


Around 120 species known to humankind, this delicate flower looks like the sketch of an artist, a lullaby of a mother, a hymn of a poet, and the blessing of nature. It is the whisper of spring, and also known as a windflower. This sole flower is poisonous yet a cure as well. It symbolizes protection; though, in China, it is a symbol of Death.

  1. Anthurium


With more than 1000 species known to the world, it is a genus native to tropical America. They differ in size, shape and colour but all bloom in a shape of a heart. They symbolize hospitality and abundance.

  1. Heather


Oh, the bliss of watching evergreen flowering shrubs is like drinking hot chocolate in freezing winters. Hundreds of bell-shaped flowers adorn the spike of its shrub, which can reach up to 39 inches in height. It symbolizes independence.

  1. Iris


Iris is named after the Greek goddess of Rainbow, which is not a surprise. Originating from the temperate regions of the word, these bountiful flowers are known to be natural blood purifiers. It symbolizes faith.

  1. Aster


Asters are known to have 600 species, but according to the recent research and classification of plants, there are only 180 species acknowledged as ‘real-asters’. These are wildflowers and belong to the family of Sunflowers. They symbolize patience.

  1. Daisies


Belonging to the largest family of the plants in the world, daisies are the gem of nature. It is interesting to know that, except the continent Antarctica, Daisies are found everywhere—no wonder! Daisies are an important plant for the honey makers as bumblebees love them dearly. They symbolize innocence and purity.

  1. Bouvardia


Native to Central America, Mexico and U.S., Bourvardia is named after Charles Bouvardia, who was the physician to The King of France Louis XIII. This sweet scented plant varies in colours according to the species and represents enthusiasm.

  1. Delphinium


These are tall, perpetual plants with 400 species known to the world. Due to its Dolphin-like shape, it is named as Delphinium which is a Latin word. These symbolize celebration.

  1. Dianthus


Dianthuses are the elegance and happiness of a garden, and it is no wonder that they are seen adorning the gardens during cool and moist summers. They symbolize celebration.

  1. Protea


Native to the land of South America, Protea flowers share their birthday with dinosaurs, emerging out as one of the oldest plants in the world. These are proud of florist’s shops and symbolize Diversity.

  1. Canna


Genus of 19 species, Cannas are mainly native to the land of hot tropical regions. This is not only a gorgeous plant with a soft scent, they are the richest starch sources in the world too.

  1. Tulip


Blossoming in the springs these cup-shaped angels are the natives of Eurasia and North Africa with 75 species accepted. These are the most common flowers found in the lap of nature. And, the best thing about tulips is that they symbolize love, and a best ‘I-am-sorry’ card for the people angry with you.

  1. Daffodils


Aren’t they just cute? Daffodils have a trumpet shaped corona and six petals around it. They symbolize creativity.

  1. Sweet Pea


Just like their name, Sweet pea flowers have a sweet scent and symbolize blissful pleasure. They are the favourite among florists and homes.

  1. Statice


Statice is the love of dried flowers arrangements. They work as a filler in mixed bouquets and comes in different shades of blue and purple, yellow, white and apricot. They symbolize remembrance,

  1. Magnolia


Ah! Say the name and the nostrils are ready to inhale longer. It is no wonder that Magnolias are one of the most loved flowers in the world. They symbolize Yin, the feminine side.

  1. Hydrangea


Have you ever wanted to convey how heartfelt your emotions are towards someone? Present them with Hydrangea. They symbolize heartfelt emotions, and the sweet fragrance is definite to win hearts.

  1. Lotus


The national flower of India, the most pious in the Hindu culture, Lotus is one of the most sacred flowers in the world. Though blooming in the muck, it is the symbol of Spirituality.

  1. Peony


These gorgeous flowers are natives to Asia, Southern Europe and Northern America. They symbolize honour.

  1. Azalea


Iggy Azalea must have loved the fancy flower ‘Azalea’ when she wrote the song ‘Fancy.’ Azaleas are definitely fancy and gorgeous to look at. They symbolize remembrance.

  1. Snapdragons


The feeling of watching different shades of flowery shrubs blooming in your gardens can never be compared to anything else, no?  Snapdragons got their names because of their resemblance to the face of dragons. They symbolize grace and at some places deviousness too.

  1. Orchids


How can the list of most beautiful flowers be complete without orchids? They are no doubt one of the gorgeous flowers blooming on the Earth, with over 25,000 species. They symbolize love.

  1. Lilies


The lilies are the elegant flowers which have dominated the literature and gardens for centuries. These aromatic flowers symbolize royalty.

  1. Bird of Paradise


The sole name takes us on the voyage of paradise. These lovely flowers are natives of South Africa, and it must not come as a surprise when you’d see someone stop in their tracks just to have a look at them. These magnificent flowers symbolize optimism.

  1. Ranunculus


Ranunculus are the radiance of sunlight, the smile of innocence and the love of nature. These are prestigious flowers which adorn the nature in different colours, with over 600 species. These radiant flowers symbolize Charm.

  1. Oriental Poppy

see more photos at, my garden Red Oriental Pppies

These charismatic blooms are the natives to Iran, Turkey and Caucasus. They are the children of wild and would mostly be seen illuming the landscapes, and are poisonous with different toxin levels.

  1. Forget Me Not


Forget me nots are wildflowers which are easily overlooked due to their small frame. They were first used in 1398 through King Harry IV in England. This flower holds myth behind it too and is a symbol of true and undying love.

  1. Queen Anne’s Lace


Queen Anne’s lace is found in the temperate regions of Southwest Asia and Europe, and is also famous by the name of wild carrot. Its flowers are small and bloom in a lace-like manner.

  1. Lilac


Lilacs are native to Balkan Peninsula, where it grows on rocky hills, and are one of the most aromatic flowers present on the Earth. Lilacs symbolize first love and innocence.

  1. Lavender


Lavenders have 39 species known to the world and are the part of the mint family. These are not only beautiful and fragrant but have healing properties too, making it a part of Ayurveda.

  1. Parrot’s Beak

parrots beak

These are one of the rarest flowers in the world which are declared as extinct. Parrot’s beak is an undeniable handsome flower which gets its name due to its parrot’s beak shaped petals.

  1. Chrysanthemums


These elegant, big flowers are natives of Asia and Europe. Its etymology is as interesting as its uses. Derived from two Greek words Chrysos which means gold and anthemon which means flower, it symbolizes long-lasting friendship. It is also known as a cooling herb.

  1. Plumeria


These soft and elegant flowers are native to Mexico, South America and the Caribbean. These are noticeably found in the Hawaii adorning the hair of Hawaiian women which acts as a symbol of their marital status. These symbolize beauty and spring.

  1. Carnations


These are from the list of one of the oldest cultivated flowers on the Earth. These comes in the shades of pink, green and red, and symbolise love and affection.

  1. Gladioli


These flowers symbolize the strength of a character and are also famous as sword Lily. Attractive to look at these flowers are native to Asia and tropical Africa.

  1. Dahlia


These big and prestigious flowers are natives to the land of Mexico and have 42 species known to the world. It symbolizes enduring grace.

  1. Bleeding Heart

bleeding heart

Though the name sounds like a malady of a broken heart, but this flower is undeniably one amongst the most breath-taking creations of nature. It symbolizes deep and passionate love.

  1. Lily of the Valley

Lilies of the valley

These delicate cup-shaped white flowers are like the symphony of peace. However, these gorgeous lilies of the valley are entirely poisonous. So much to look good!

  1. Middlemist Red


One of the rarest flowers in the world, middlemist red can only be seen in New Zealand garden and green house garden of UK. Gorgeous, and charismatic without any doubt.

  1. Jade Vine


Jade vine is a native to tropical forests of Philippines, and fascinatingly it is among the rarest flowers in the world too. These graceful flowers are spectacular and unquestionably deserves to be the part of the list.

  1. Rose


It is not an understatement to say that Rose wins the race of most beautiful flowers in the world. She is queen not because of her crown, she is queen because of her ability.

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