Top 8 Cute Dwarf Cat Breeds

In this fast moving world, it is seldom that we find time for ourselves. Pets are a great way to push all the worldly affairs out of your mind and to allow yourself to relax by playing and cuddling with them. Cats, being one of the most preferred pets in the world, have an amazing capability of casting all your worries aside in a few minutes. At present, Dwarf cats are gaining immense popularity particularly because of their small size which gives them an extremely delightful appearance. A dwarf cat is a breed of cats that will remain small throughout their life. Their small size is a result of their physical condition of Dwarfism which prevents the cats from growing in size. Below is a list of top 8 cute and famous dwarf cat breeds!

  1. The Munchkin

Munchkin Cat MainIn September 1994, The International Cat Association (TICA) accepted this breed into their new breed development programme. This endearing cat will catch your attention the moment you see it. With its short legs and cute little stature, the Munchkin will weigh between 5 to 9 pounds upon attaining full growth. The petite size of this cat is the result of a natural mutation which has ultimately shortened the long leg bones of this breed. However, don’t let those short legs deceive you! These cats are extremely active, playful and have a zest for running. The only limitation of this cat is that it will not be able to jump like its other long- legged equivalents. Also, the Munchkin is the founding breed of the dwarf cats.

  1. The Minskin

Classified by TICA as a preliminary new breed, The Minskin will have hair on its face, ears, nose, legs and tail. However, its body will have a sparse cover of hair which gives a sharp appearance to the cat. With its remarkably different appearance, this cat is affectionate and very playful. You will never be bored at home with your Minskin around since it will always keep you on your toes, ready for some new adventure. Loyalty and intelligence are other features of this cat. Try and teach your Minskin some tricks, chances are it will win at a pet show!

  1. The Lambkin

Lambkin-cats-for-saleAs you may infer from the name, this cat will look like a lamb due to its fur coat. The Lambkin is an extremely adorable miniature cat which is a result of breeding a Selkirk Rex cat and a Munchkin. The fur is extremely curly which may appear to be rough at the first look, however once you touch this docile creature you will feel like you’re touching a piece of fine, soft wool. The legs are noticeably small with the rear ones being a little longer than the front ones which makes the Lambkin look like it is ever ready to jump or pounce. A calm and playful breed which is also child friendly is what you are going for if you opt for a Lambkin. The cat is amiable and will always want to sit and “pur” in your lap!

  1. The Bambino

Small, hairless with a friendly temperament, the Bambino cat has captured lot of attention due to its distinct personality. The cat weighs between 5 lb to 9 lbs and will fit perfectly in a small sized home. One of the most astounding features about this cat is that it is available in almost all colours. The medium length tale of the cat will compliment its overall body structure. Since it loves to meet and befriend new people, this cat will be perfect if you have frequent guests at your place. Specially if there are children in the house, the Bambino will be the perfect play mate since it adores the actions of children and is always ready to play with them. The cat will show you its affection too often and will want to snuggle from time to time. Smarter and more active than the average cat, the Bambino will respond greatly to learning and training.

  1. The Kinkalow

Visit your local pet store and the Kinkalow will instantly win over your heart. Hybrid of the Munchkin and the American Curl, this is one of the smallest cat breeds. It has very short legs, weighs half as compared to the other breeds and has a tail which is usually longer than its body. The Kinkalow is so small that even when it enters adulthood, it can be easily mistaken to be a kitten. This incredibly small cat is surely a handful when it comes to playtime. It isn’t hyperactive but will surely give you intervals of playtime when it will run around the house, after anything that grabs its attention. Despite of having small legs, the Kinkalow will not lag behind when it comes to reaching and jumping to higher places. Be it your bookshelf or kitchen counter, your Kinkalow will follow you around; mostly in order to have a look at what you’re doing since this cat is also curious. Longing for affection and attention, this cute kitty will be the perfect anecdote to all your worries.

  1. The Minuet

download (1)This cat is also known as the Napoleon and is a new breed which is categorized by TICA as a domestic hybrid breed. The Napoleon is developed from the Munchkin and the Persian and gets its short legs from the former breed. The Minuet or Napoleon will easily jump, play and run around your house since the cat’s liveliness is not affected by the short legs.

The minuet has a round face and big eyes along with a dense coat and substantial bone structure which acts as a good support system for its incredibly short legs. Since it is a unique combination of Persian and the Munchkin, this breed is easily distinguishable from others.

  1. The Skookum

A short legged cat with a curly and soft coat and an incredibly lovable appearance, the Skookum will convince you to take it home in a single look. It is a hybrid between the Munchkin and LaPerm and has medium large eyes shaped like a walnut. The Skookum will look like a kitten and is fun loving and playful. It is also fond of jumping and climbing like most other cats.

  1. The Dwelf

DWELFThis breed is currently under process of development using the Munchkin, Spynx and the Americal Curl Breed. The Dwelf is a cat resulting from the combination of the unique characteristics of three breeds with its small, hairless appearance and short legs. Slightly curled ears and heavily muscled body gives the cat a solid and stout appearance. The rear legs might be slightly longer than the front legs and the appearance of the feline is completed by a long, whip- like tail.

Bring home one of these short legged creatures and you will find yourself looking at life from an entirely different perspective. Delightful, playful and cuddle-some, your itsy-bitsy cat will be the “Purrfect” companion to cheer you up if you’ve had a hard day. There is no better feeling than coming home to such bundle of cuteness!

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