Top 10 Cigarette Brands In The World

With so much joy hiding between layers, cigarettes are unquestionably one of the best sources of unadulterated pleasure. It’s a pity that smokers are often frowned upon, when it’s a fact that smoking a cigarette gives immense relaxation, that too calmly and quietly, without a lot of hullabaloo. Once one has taken a puff, it is safe to say that there simply is no going back.

As a sign of respect and adoration for these little underrated sticks of bliss, let’s look at the ten best cigarette brands in the world.

1. Davidoff

Davidoff cigarettes scream class. There is no kidding around with this. Davidoff is to cigarettes what Beethoven was to music. Synonymous to elegance and refinement, Davidoff cigarettes have a characteristic flavour. Not to forget, there are also several cigars, pipe tobaccos and cigarillos under the brand. Owned by Imperial Tobacco and produced in the Dominican Republic, a few Davidoff flavours are Magnum, Magnum Light, Ultra Light, Mild, Classic, Supreme, Menthol, Gold, Slim, and so on. Another distinct characteristic of these cigarettes is their length. At 93 mm, Davidoff Magnum gives the smoker the luxury of time. This is exactly the kind of luxurious taste one could get used to!

2. Marlboro

Any corner of the world you go to, you are bound to run into a Marlboro consumer. Its smoke has floated to every nook and cranny of the planet, and why not. It has great variety in size, flavour and packaging. It also has a markedly rich taste and aroma; and boy is it affordable. What one must admit is that Marlboro knows its advertising like it knows its tobacco. It was launched in 1924 with the slogan ‘Mild as May’, and mainly targeted at female consumers. But it gradually shifted its target and with special help from the Marlboro Man campaign, it is now the highest selling brand in the world, consumed by men and women alike.

3. Camel

It is well known among cigarette enthusiasts that prior to Camel, smokers preferred to roll their own cigarettes. It was thought that there was no market for pre-packaged cigarettes. In 1913, R. J. Reynolds introduced packaged cigarettes. He cleverly called them Camel because they were rolled in Turkish paper. Now, at this age and time, Camel is one of the most popular cigarette brands in the world. The mixture of Turkish and Virginian tobacco gives these cigarettes a smooth burn and a unique flavour. Affordable and accessible, Camels are rich in history, and definitely in flavour.

4. Parliament

Just like Marlboro, Parliament cigarettes are owned by the company Philip Morris. Specially recognised for their recessed paper filters, these were widely sold under the slogans “Only the flavour touches your lips” and “Tobacco tastes better when the filter’s recessed.” What a lot of people don’t know is that Parliament cigarettes were originally used as an advertising tactic for a time when cigarettes did not have filters! But it caught on, and it has stayed in its track. This brand is very famous in Saudi Arabia, Japan, Israel, Argentina, Ukraine and other countries. Marketing campaigns stated that the filter was important because it prevented tar from reaching the smoker’s mouth and hence improved the flavour while also being healthier.

5. Dunhill

As far as luxury brands go, Dunhill is the most popular across the world. Its lingering spicy taste has specially been recognised as among its most distinguishing features, and it comes from the finest Virginian tobacco used to make it. Some of its varieties are Dunhill International, Fine Cut Black, Fine Cut Dark Blue, Fine Cut Menthol, Master Blend, etc. Made by the British American Tobacco company, it has been said that these cigarettes were specially preferred by rock musician and popular icon John Lennon and American journalist/author Hunter S. Thompson.

6. Lucky Strike

The second most famous American brand, these are frequently referred to as Luckies. Like Dunhill, they are also owned by the British American Tobacco company. They were once sold specially to women interested in losing weight. They lured in many female customers with slogans such as ‘Reach for a Lucky instead of a sweet’, and went on to become immensely popular. Their varieties are Classic Red, Light, Natural Red and Natural Blue. A distinctive feature of these cigarettes is that instead of the more common sun-dried, they use roasted tobacco. This gives them a distinct, refined flavour.

7. Pall Mall

Pall Mall is R. J. Reynolds’ most selling brand, and is sold internationally by the British American Tobacco company. Named after a well-known street in London, these were the most famous cigarettes in America in the 1960s. American author Kurt Vonnegut has been known to say that Pall Malls are “a classy way to commit suicide.” These cigarettes are known to have a unique stuffing technique and a typical addition of charcoal in them, which only adds to their charm. Some varieties of Pall Mall are Full Flavour, Gold, Gold Filter, Black, Ultra Light, Menthol, Red and so on.

8. Kent

Marketed by R. J. Reynolds company, Kents are recognised as the first popular filtered cigarettes. In the early 1950s, an article on Reader’s Digest called ‘Cancer by the Carton’ made a lot of American smokers scared into seeking out filtered cigarettes. Kent, which has just been introduced around that time, struck gold because of its famous micronite filter, and promised consumers the ‘greatest health protection in history.’ Later it was discovered that the micronite had traces of carcinogenic blue asbestos. However, these cigarettes are still famous for their low nicotine content, and are highly recommended for health-conscious smokers.

9. Newport

Newport, owned by R. J. Reynolds, is a very popular brand of menthol cigarettes. According to a survey in 2005, almost 50% of cigarette sales to African Americans were Newports. The full-flavour Classics were endorsed as cigarettes with which one could ‘enjoy a full-flavour menthol, without drowning out pure tobacco taste.’ Now they come in different varieties: Newport Smooth, Menthol Blue, Menthol Gold, Non-Menthol, Non-Menthol Gold and so on. A test pack called Newport Ice was also introduced in the late 1990s, but due to some reason, disappeared shortly.

10. Winston

Winston is marketed by ITC Brands LLC inside the USA and Japan Tobacco outside USA. Its slogan ‘Winston tastes good like a cigarette should’ is one of the best known among American advertisement jingles. It was introduced in 1954 by RJ Reynolds Tobacco company, and in the 1960s was already among the top selling cigarettes in the world. Sold as Silver, Blue, White and Classic cigarettes, Winston cigarettes are well known for their smooth taste and low nicotine and tar content.

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