Unable to Sleep at Night: Here are 10 Things to do

It is annoying. It definitely is annoying when you find yourself awake at the middle of the night clueless and unable to sleep. The situation is worse for those who are unable to fall asleep at night even for a short duration. All sorts of thoughts and memories start running in your head. It simply makes you feel nostalgic and sometimes melancholic. You keep on tossing and turning in bed. This becomes a chance for you to reflect on your past tragedies and mistakes and to cherish once again the happy moments that you experienced before.

However such reflection might be okay for a night. It slowly transcends into a torture when such repeated reflections take place of your sleeping time. You are not alone in this. Out there, you would find many sufferers like you who are battling to fall sleep at night. Do not worry for here you have 10 ideas to your rescue. After reading this you surely will be able to prevent yourself to turn into an absolute nocturnal creature.



10. Eat Maggi
So, Maggi is back. And with its return has also returned the smiles of many. The ready-in-two-minutes delight has benefited children and adults equally. While it satiates your hunger, it also is easy to cook. Why not resort to it in your hours of sleeplessness? Go in your kitchen, fetch your favourite Maggi and before you would know you would be slurping your preparation. Not only is it a far better idea than tossing in your bed with weird thoughts in your head, it also would be very filling. Often, one of the reasons why one faces insomnia is because of a hungry stomach. If you happen not to be a Maggi fan (which is unlikely), then you also have the option of preparing some light snacks for yourself. Sandwich would do too.
9. Read passages of your favourite novel
No, you are not being suggested to start reading a novel or your favourite book all over again. That would simply take you miles and miles away from any tendency to fall asleep. All that is required of you to do is to get your favourite novel or a book of poems from the shelf. Re-read the most loved passages from those. It would help you sleep once again. And this time it would be accompanied by some sweet dreams. All the ardent readers out there would surely relate with this.
8. Radio
Listen to some good soft music late night when you end up feeling restless. You need not have a sufi collection so to say. Chuck the repetitive loud music on your record player and turn in to radio. To your amazement you would find some great soothing music being played late at night. Switching to certain old song albums for the same might be yet another good idea. Those of you who run away at the thought of listening to some old music ought to try this once. They would definitely try this again. This would soon put you in a peaceful sleep.
7. Call up your 3a.m. friend
3 a.m. friends are important. Their importance also lies in the fact that you can call them up even in the middle of the night. Having such friends you need not worry about etiquette. You for sure have tried hundreds of ways by now to lull yourself back to sleep. You end up getting irritated. Why not go for this method too. Before planning to do so do check with the call rates that your mobile network offers. The idea is to pull you away from weary thoughts and not put you in a sleepless state for nights looking at your phone bill. After a nice long chat you would be in better spirits.
6. Flip through old albums
You might not be much of a reader or a music lover. But nothing would stop you from indulging in this idea. Instead of sitting clueless and looking out of the window like a damsel in distress, you may do something else. Take out the album of your childhood photographs. If sleep is far-far away from your reach, then why not invest your time in something that would make a reviving impact on your mind. Reviving those precious childhood memories certainly sounds sweet. Doesn’t it?
5. Finish some pending work
There might be some or the other pending work that you have been postponing for days now. Stop being a big time procrastinator. Even if you fail to realize, that impending work might be bothering you to such an extent that it is interrupting your sleep. If you fail to fall asleep then delve a bit deeper as to remember what is it that demands you to work on it. It might be preparing for an exam, or finishing with a powerpoint presentation. Irrespective of the time, you need to get up at once and finish that work. In being unable to do so once again you would have to face several sleepless nights like the ones you are already facing now.
4. Count jumping sheep
It is not my own technique that is being forwarded here. This is a technique adopted by Mr. Bean. (The Bean lovers would associate with the joke.) It might sound or come across as silly to those who hearing about it for the first time. You need to start counting one sheep at a time jumping over a fence. Of course you do it in your head. Slowly and gradually as the number increases you would start feeling sleepier. Your eyelids would start drooping. Soon you would be able to achieve your objective.
3. Take a hot water bath
Perhaps what you are in dire need of is a hot water bath. It would give you an unparalleled feeling of relief and relaxation. For all those being unable to sleep at night, you might love to go with this option. The best you can do is to allow your room to get cooled by air conditioner before you step in there after your warm bath. This would in turn make you feel sleepy. You can get inside your warm cozy blanket and have some good night sleep.
2. Deep breathing exercises
This is not to scare away those not deeply interested in yoga. Not much is asked of you. You simply need to get up and sit in an upright position. Start breathing deeply and concentrate on those. If you want you may use it as an alternative to the sheep technique. This is healthier and at the same time requires more concentration and dedication on your part. Now it may sound as the most boring thing in the world to you. But as and when you get into this technique you would find yourself at ease with it.
1. Watch a movie
Go and switch on a movie that you have been intending to watch since a long time. If you have a pretty certain feeling of not being able to fall back asleep, then this is your best option. Don’t forget to make yourself some popcorn too!

You may choose to drift back to sleep or opt one of the above ideas to keep yourself at bay from tossing and turning in your bed.

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