What to Get a Girl on her Birthday? 10 Gift Suggestions she would Love

We tend to think little and do more while trying to gift something to a girl in order to impress her. We tend to buy her presents that are either of no use or things that hold no such significance in her life. More often than not we end up spending a truck load of money without even getting her the right gift. We are under the impression that showy trinkets and expensive ornaments would sweep her off her feet. Sadly, that is not how womenfolk think and trust me when I say that it is never easy to find something to gift a girl that she would fall in love with at first sight. So, next time you are looking for the right gift, this might just help you out.

     10. Chocolates


Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, the coconut ones or the almond ones, people, especially girls go weak on their knees at the mention of chocolate. Even thinking about eating chocolate produces a mild-euphoric state in girls. So needless to say that chocolate, be it artisan chocolate or craft chocolate or bean to bar chocolate, solid or molten will always manage to melt her heart.

  1. Bags and shoes for the party animal

 bags and shoes

Well this could burn a hole in your pocket. But if you want to go fancy with your gift, try online shopping for unique bags – handbags, clutches etc. or shoes – wedges, stilettos or Mary Jane’s. If you get a good deal, this can actually pamper the girl you are looking forward to gifting. Girls, in my knowledge, do go gaga over such stuff. If you go through a hard time with the shoe size, then a bag will do. A nude coloured bag can never go wrong with a girl. Same goes for black. No, orange is not the new black. Black is black. Such is the power of retail therapy.

  1. Dress for the lady

A perfect little black dress for cocktail parties. Or a floral printed sarong for her to wear next time she hits the beach. Or a pair of loose fitted denim to wear on the trek she always talks about going on. Or a semi-formal shirt to give her look the extra edge at work. Or an exquisite looking gown that she will absolutely adore and would wear it to mesmerise the crowd at a dinner party. Always remember, confidence lies in the way you carry yourself. If she is dressed well, she will make a good impression on people in no time.

  1. Perfume and scented candles


A girl not wearing a fragrance before going out is rare these days. Some girls like fruity fragrances. Others like refreshing ones, still others are fond of musky scents. The examples have been set to give you a vague idea. The market is filled with many a perfume that would add an oomph factor to her personality. Scented candles would be a great buy if she is maintaining an apartment herself and likes decorating her place with minimal furniture and maximum taste. If it is the girl you are dating, then you never know how it’s going to prove lucky for you. Aha?

  1. Know the girl

If she is the sensitive kind, find a good book for her. Let us assume a book by Nicholas Sparks or Khaled Hosseini( depending on her tastes, of course). Now, accessorize the book with little notes on a few pages here and there. You can fill them up with beautiful quotes if you cannot think of things to write on your own. If that is too much work, a small note on the title page is a must. This will personalize your gift and she would always remember it was from you. Better still, you would successfully give her something she would actually love.

  1. Know her taste in music


Make her a mixed tape. Add some of your favourite numbers too to give a nice blend to the tape. Music is something that touches a heart or heals any soul and if you manage to do that, your job is pretty much done. Remember, a girl always likes intellectuality. Try and let her in on the intellectual side of you. Gift her something that gives you a scope to let her know about your thoughts and feelings too. The girl would lap it up because she is intelligent. Also if your pocket is deep enough throw in a pair of earphones. A perfect combination for the music lover.

  1. A quirky gift

Say, the girl is super hardworking and likes to burn the midnight oil. Get her something that might help her remember you when she is hard at work late at night – like a soup bowl or a coffee mug. Don’t forget to add your touch to the gift by getting a thoughtful picture or a picture or one of her favourite characters printed on it. You can also print a nice message on the mug/bowl that goes with the personality of the girl.

  1. Lamp shade


It might sound silly and super weird and I know it is not a gift for her mom. But you will be surprised to find such pretty, exquisite lamp shades that will turn her cosy little room into something else. Girls usually appreciate beauty and getting her something that will make her place look merrier, will earn you brownie points.

  1. Cook book

 Well this is primarily for girls who are the stay at home type. Girls who like baking, experimenting with food and has a flair for cooking. But gone are those days where only stay at home women cook. Cooking has turned into a profession and girls who are careerists are increasingly trying to manage home and work simultaneously. For them this book could do a great deal by giving them quick recipes to fix a meal for herself or during parties. Also, throw in a Wonder Woman character apron with the cook book. Good packaging takes one places I must say.

  1. Fun Merchandise

 batman 1

Wonderful merchandise are available based on various shows like “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” , “How I Met Your Mother”, “The Big Bang Theory” , “Castle”, “House”, “Sherlock” and comic characters like “Batman”, “Superman” and the likes. This gift is going to be a good surprise for the perfect nerdy girl. You can find tees, pendants, bracelets, hairclips, bags, mugs and other crockery embellished with pictures of her favourite movie character or comic poster or famous dialogues used in the legendary shows mentioned above. Take this as an important gift idea. Not a ‘moo point’ at all.

With girls, the choices are endless. You can go super cliché or super out of the box. But whatever you decide, make sure it is heartfelt and sincere. Once you have that, you are good to go!


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